Let your training dream become “virtual” reality!

We developed a bunch of different training environments and we shared some screenshots with our followers, the most liked environment was:

Cycle between cherry trees through Chinese landscapes and architecture during emperor’s ages

As we listen to our followers we decided this should be the first training track we’ll share with you.
You can download the first bunch of km and dive into it.
Here you can download different versions:

Windows Version for Oculus Rift

Windows Version without Oculus Rift

Web Old Style Version (Windows, Mac)

Some technical details: The avatar is temporary because we are working on the legs and wheel animation and the speed is fixed because in our demo it is controlled by your cycling speed (in this case it is just a fixed speed camera).
For the moment you are forced to stay in the track because the demo we are presenting these days does not have the steering controller yet.
Linux version will be following!

After trying share your impressions and opinions on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know about it!