First public demo including steering!

The Widerun team had the possibility to be in London demoing the prototype at a different bunch of events. This time the prototype included the much desired steering functionality! For this reason we developed a brand new and “steering-oriented” environment called “4Seasons“.

We were very curious about the feedback our testers would give, now we allowed to steer and explore the environment. Again we did not expect such great feedbacks, it looks like people really like it and enjoy cycling in VR.

“Without steering it is cool, adding the steering component takes the experience to a whole new level!” said one of our testers.

Here you can check out some pics, of our testers enjoying their rides!

IMG_20150204_124541 IMG_20150204_124602   IMG_20150204_130117  IMG_20150205_214945 IMG_20150204_122412