And here we come to the last demo in the California…for now!
Thanks to Nick for inviting us over. It wouldn’t be needed to repeat people had a lot of fun while cycling through the Game of Thrones/Skyrim world while listening to some epic music.

The training environment has been developed very quickly and we forgot to set a “STOP” sign at the end, there just was a huge rock and this lead to some funny situations. Some of our testers didn’t notice the road was ending and just crashed on the rock, others saw it coming but insisted in crashing on the rocks (they really wanted to)…the last group did not want to crash, but the friends incited them to keep going and crash.
Virtual reality really tricks your mind and gives you the possibility to experience a crash against a rock at a speed of 12m/h…without getting hurt! #funfacts #gowiderun


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