360° exploring

When 90% of people trying Widerun ask: “Can I go off the path and explore the world around?” you know it should be possible.
Something that was meant to be a future feature just got a basic product feature needed from the beginning, and here it is.

For now the steering will be a small platform the user puts under the front wheel. It consists in 2 surfaces, where the one on top can turn left and right on top of the other. The steering platform will send the parameters to the smart bike roller and the pc where the Oculus Rift is connected.

What are the consequences of steering?
The steering feature opens a big set of new experiences as the user will be allowed to explore the whole environment. This will give the user a new way of having fun while workout.
The game design varies a lot from the one we assumed in the beginning. The ones thinking about the gaming and fitness experience will have no control about what the user does, where he goes when and what he is looking at. Inserting challenges and “gamification” in the environment will be slightly more difficult and tricky, as everything depends on what the user does.
Despite this, steering will make it possible to design actual games and it will for sure make Widerun more interesting and appealing.

Think about exploring a real time generating open world, which is potentially unlimited. Check out every detail and feel free to do anything you like.
We are working to bring you exactly this experience and this kind of feelings in order to make your workout as exciting as possible!


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