3-Step Process To Gain Weight

Most of the people are concerned about losing weight. However, there are also people who, in the other end of this range, want to gain weight for various reasons. Some people are underweight and need to get to a more balanced weight to match their height. Other people are into bodybuilding and want to gain an impressive muscle mass. Regardless of the reason for gaining weight, it can be done fairly easy if you know the rules.

It’s all about the surplus

In order to gain weight, you need to be in a calories surplus. Measure your calorie intake and how many calories you burn on a per 24-hour rate, in order to make things easy. Figure out roughly how many calories you get from eating and how many you burn from typical daily activities like walking, biking to work, walking the dog, etc. If you go to the gym, then count this in. If you take a protein or weight gainer shake / bar after workout, then count this in as well. When you got a good picture of how many calories you eat per day vs. how many burned, measure your weight daily and after a month see if you are up or down, more than the average daily swings (coming from going to the toilet, drinking and eating, etc.). If you are down, simply increase you calories intake slowly and measure the next month.

A person’s build also depends on genetic factors. Because of this, it might be difficult to gain weight for a natural thin person. However, the human body can change through increased food intake and weight training. Gaining or regaining weight is in many ways similar to losing weight. Same basic principles apply when done in a healthful and smart way. The short version is, that in order to gain weight you’ll need to eat more. Gaining weight occurs when the energy intake in form of calories is [image_right src=”https://widerun.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Gain-Weight.jpg”]bigger than the energy used. The key point to gaining weight in a healthy way is to ensure that all your calories are as nutrient-rich as possible. Consuming empty calorie foods such as chips and soft drinks is not a healthy way to gain weight, strengthen bones or build muscle.

Monitor Calories and Activities with Tools

It is recommended to use a calorie counter or a kilojoule-counter book in order to make it easier to calculate how many calories you consume on an average day. You can also partially automate the calorie counting, through the use of various apps, developed exactly for this purpose.

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Eat snacks between your meals. A healthy snack may consist in yoghurt, fruit, rice pudding, muffin, milkshakes, low-fat custard, or a liquid meal supplement. For your meals try to serve larger portions and choose foods rich in calories. Also top your usual meals with calorie rich foods such as peanut butter and grated cheese. Add honey, margarine, milk, nuts, or dried fruits after cooking. Top your salads with whole olives, olive oils, nuts, avocados, and sunflower seeds. This will make your weight gaining process speedup.

Gaining weight is, for most people, not a difficult task – quite the opposite. However, for the ones who find it difficult to put on a couple of extra kilos, simply follow this short guide and you are off to a good start.

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