Beta Alanine – It does Work

The other day I came across a post on a bodybuilding forum, where one guy was complaining that almost all preworkout supplements contain Beta Alanine. He would like to see PWO’s without Beta Alanine as he claimed it doesnt work. So here is to a small rant as I disagree.

The guy is right on one point though; Beta Alanine is a very common substance in majority of all of the best pre workout supplements out there. But there is a good reason for it and that is because it works, and that is backed by countless of scientific studies.

Not only does the Beta Alanine work, but its also believed to be safe. Beta Alanine will give you this tingling sensation some 15 – 30 minutes after ingestion, which is named parathesia; some people hate it and others love it. I belong to the latter group. Having been a heavy niacin user I am fairly used to this feeling and I think it does give me some extra motivation to hit the gym. But this shouldn’t scare you from using Beta Alanine as it only last for a short period of time.

Beta Alaine is a non-essential beta-amino acid and allegedly helps to raise the body´s carnosine level and as a result of this your performance output and with no serious side-effects (besides from the aforementioned parathesia). Since you won’t get much beta alanine (3-aminopropionic acid) from the food you consume, it makes sense to go with a trusted brand and get yourself some beta alanine in order to raise your muscles carnosine concentration.

I am gone through countless of scientic studies on this stuff, and I am yet to see a study with a lack of positive results and any significant side effects.

Beta Alanine is here to stay. Its safe, it works, and due to the popularity you can get it at a very fair price. I dont see any reason as to why beta alanine shouldnt form part of every single PWO mixture out there.

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