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The PPK (acronym for Pump.Power.Kick) is a pre-workout supplement from Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Engineered as a single-serving PWO to be taken 30 minutes before exercise, its manufacturers claim that it will improve power and strength, as well as maximizing muscle hydration and increasing endurance. Blue Star also prides itself on using ingredients that have already been tested on human test subjects as opposed to more under-researched ones still stuck in the rat-testing phase.

Supplement facts

Vitamin B6 14 mg

Vitamin B12 85 mcg

Vitamin B3 20 mg

Chromium 200 mcg

P.P.K. Proprietary Blend 11.4 g

While having a proprietary blend might be a source of discomfort for some, Blue Star has at least taken the effort to disclose a significant part of the substances and dosages used.

Strength and Power Complex 6.2g




Creatine Succinate

First off, creatine appears in a significant quantity, thus allowing for a complete physical boost due to the increase in adenosine triphosphate.

But the one that jumps out is the Beta-Alanine. A naturally occurring beta amino acid, it has been proven to markedly increase carnosine levels, which allow you to perform with more intensity and for longer periods of time. Also famous for giving you “the tingle”, a sensation some will find more unpleasant than others and which usually fades soon after absorption.

Blood Cell Volumizing Pump Mix 2.5g




Sodium R-Lipoate

HYPEROX™ Trigonella foenum-graecum

For the pump part of the PPK formula, Blue Star has gone with some proven ingredients. Glycerol works well for retaining water and preventing dehydration, while Agmatine has additional benefits as a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator.

Nootropic Energizing Blend 514mg

Caffeine (250 mg)

N-Methyl-Beta-Methyl-Phenylethylamine HCL

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine




Predominantly well-known and thoroughly researched substances with stimulating properties here. Most interesting, perhaps, is the addition of Pikamilon, a dietary supplement which combines niacin with GABA. It acts as a strong vasodilator that lessens migraines and asthenia without causing drowsiness.

Flavors, jar sizes and Price per Serving

The PPK from Blue Star Nutraceuticals currently only comes in one flavor: pink lemonade. It ships as a 342g sized container that allows for 30 servings of around 11.4g each (1 scoop). You can buy it directly from the producer’s website, where it sells for 54.99$. That comes out to about 1.83$ per serving, which is pretty decent for a PWO.


On this supplement has garnered quite a following, with 78 mostly positive reviews and a 9.5 overall rating. The Beta-Alanine component especially is noted as giving a real boost as far as energy and mood are concerned, even though it might give you a slight case of the tingles as well. The PPK taste, while somewhat surprisingly limited to a single flavor, also fares well with customers, averaging a 9.4 out of 10 rating in that department.


Despite not having any first hand experience with the product itself and judging only by the feedback available in the bodybuilding community, the Blue Star PPK is undeniably quite a treasured and highly rated Pre-workout product among workout buffs. While some may scoff at it being at least partially a proprietary blend where the exact dosages of each and every substance are not fully disclosed, it’s impossible to deny some of the great results users have been getting so far.

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