The Clear Pill – Clear Muscle from Muscle Tech

Clear Muscle is a new supplement from MuscleTech. But is really any magic to this pill? In this post I will take a closer look and share all the details with you. If you have been thinking about buying this new hyped supplement, make sure to read this first and make up your mind afterwards. Here goes.

In the last post, I wrote about the preworkout supplement Frenzy from Driven Sports and the new ban on this in New Zealand. Before that I shared my thoughts on Noxipro which contains the same substance that got Frenzy banned (AMP Citrate). As mentioned in the last post, I plan to follow up on the Frenzy post with more information on AMP Citrate so enough with the pre-workout supplements and DMBA for now.

​It’s time for something completely different. A growth enhancer from MuscleTech called Clear Muscle. Nope, I haven’t tested this stuff. This is not a review, but I thought I would bring it up anyway, as I see questions and comments about Clear Muscle from MuscleTech on more and more sites.

MuscleTech is notorious for excessive claims about their products; and they have a lot of products. Clear Muscle is one of the latest supplements they released on the market (PhosphaMuscle has been announced but not released yet – another Phosphatidic Acid supplement).

Clear Muscle from MuscleTech

Before Clear Muscle, MuscleTech has released a wide range of different supplements. I stumbled upon them years ago, when I was reading about Hydroxycut, back then, and ECA stack. This product alone, has then been released in I lots of different versions since then. Although I dont think this record is complete, here is a list with majority of the supplements created by MuscleTech:

[wpsm_list type=”arrow”]

  • Neurocore
  • Creacore
  • Creakic Hardcore
  • Mass-Tech
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore X Ignition Stix
  • Alpha Amino Prototype 216
  • AnoTest
  • #Shatter SX7
  • Hydroxycut Elite
  • IntraVol
  • Anabolic Vitakic
  • NanoStim
  • Anabolic Halo Hardcore
  • Nitro-Tech
  • Leukic
  • Whey Protein Hardcore
  • Nitro-Tech Bars
  • Gakic
  • Nitro-Tech Performance Series
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore X

[/wpsm_list][wpsm_list type=”arrow”]

  • MyoShock
  • Leukic Hardcore
  • Premium Whey Protein Plus
  • Gakic Hardcore
  • Phase8
  • Cell-Tech Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut
  • Anator P70
  • CryoTest
  • Nitro-Tech NOP-47
  • Anabolic Halo
  • Push10
  • AlphaTest
  • NaNOX9 Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore
  • Clear Muscle
  • NaNO Vapor Hardcore
  • Nitro-Tech Hardcore
  • naNO Vapor
  • Pump Tech

[/wpsm_list][wpsm_list type=”arrow”]

  • Nitro-Tech Nighttime
  • CEE-Pro
  • Diet-Tech
  • Meso-Tech
  • T-Tech
  • Thermo Gain
  • Thermoshred
  • Creakic
  • Musclebuilding Stack
  • Shredded Stack
  • Meso-Tech Complete Bars
  • Creatine 6000-ES
  • Hydroxycut 100% Natural
  • naNOX9
  • Aplodan
  • Hydrazide
  • Hydroxycut Max
  • Hydroxycut 24 Hour
  • Cell-Tech Power Packs
  • Nitro Isolate

[/wpsm_list][wpsm_list type=”arrow”]

  • Leukic Pro Series
  • Gakic Pro Series
  • Nitro AminoFX
  • HexaTest Hardcore
  • Vitakic Hardcore
  • MyoBuild
  • HydroxyStim
  • Smart Protein
  • Amino Build
  • Test HD Hardcore
  • Hydroxycut SX7
  • SX-7 Black Onyx
  • Platinum Beef Protein
  • Appedex
  • Platinum Iso Zero
  • Anarchy
  • Platinum 100% Whey
  • Cell-Tech


Yeah, lots of products! But back to the latest one.

Clear Muscle

The supplement facts list the following:

BetaTOR® (Free acid beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate)

So what exactly is this stuff? BetaTOR is MuscleTech’s patented name for HMB-FA – HMB free acid. A scientific study can be found here, investigating the effects of 12 weeks of HMB-FA supplementation on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, body composition, strength, and power in trained individuals.​ The key takeaway from this study is:

HMB-FA supplementation resulted in a significant increase in strength gain compared with placebo supplementation for squat, bench press, deadlift, and total strength (Table 1). After 12 weeks of training, HMB-FA supplementation resulted in strength increases of 25 % for the squat, 12 % for the bench press, 16 % for the deadlift, and 18 % for total strength, which were significantly greater than the increases of 5 % for the squat, 3 % for the bench press, 9 % for the deadlift, and 6 % for total strength in the placebo group…Supplementation with HMB-FA resulted in a significant increase in body mass and LBM compared with placebo supplementation (Table 3) during the 12-week exercise training period. The HMB-FA group also experienced a significant decrease in body fat, −5.4 ± 1.6 kg, compared with the placebo group, −1.7 ± 2.7 kg (Table 3). Supplementation with HMB-FA resulted in significantly greater quadriceps thickness compared to the placebo group over the 12-week training period.


Right but so this is basically HMB? Whats new here? HMB might do some good but its been around for ages.Whats the difference between HMB and HMB-FA (or BetaTOR)? Delivery.

Modern research has sought to improve the delivery of HMB supplementation (1). Specifically, HMB has historically been administered as calcium bound to HMB, which results in peak plasma concentrations in 90 to 120 minutes (9). However, recent research has used an HMB free acid (HMB separated from calcium) which peaks in as little as 30 minutes and results in a 100% greater total increases in plasma HMB than the HMB-calcium bound supplement (1). Theoretically, HMB free acid (trademarked BetaTOR) may result in improved anabolic effects relative to the calcium salt.

So the short version is, it looks good on paper. I would like to see more studies on this stuff before I am convinced, specially due to the lack of positive reviews on SupplementReviews. There are a lot of sponsored reviews on Clear Muscle on the forum, which I will be following. Unfortunately these sponsored logs tend to be subjectively positive, so yeah.

I am a bit ambivalent with this. The scientific study is good, but its hyped in a typical MuscleTech kind of way, and reviews on my go-to-site for honest information is lacking. In addition to this, is a bit pricy. But people on seems to like it, so I might give this a go, in a near future. Have you tested Clear Muscle from MuscleTech then please do share your thoughts on this supplement. Is it worth the money or a completely waste of time (and money)?​

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