Cracken from Lethal Supplements – Review

In the last review I looked at the new SuperPump 250 from Gaspari; an awesome upgrade on one of my absolute favorite pre-workout supplements. In this review, I will be taking a closer look at a new pre-workout supplement named Cracken, from a company called Lethal Supplements; at first sight, this imidiately gave me associations to BlackStone labs and Cobra Labs. Skulls, snakes, and what not; supplements with very potent substances, usually at crazy dosages. Read  on to see what you get from this new Cracken from Lethal Supplements.

Now before we dive into the details of the supplement facts on Cracken, let’s take a minute to see whay they got to say about their new pre-workout supplement. Here goes.

Cracken Pre-Workout unleashes a new generation of pre-workout, using cutting edge stimulants and performance enhancing ingredients to provide an unparalleled training experience. Start with one half scoop of CRACKEN.


Sounds good but not a lot of details. Luckily we got a 100% transparent label with the all the juicy supplement facts. So let’s dive in, and see what we get from a serving of Cracken. Here goes:

One serving of Cracken, which is one scoop, will give us a total of 8 grams, containing a mix of all the below-listed substances.

One jar of Cracken contains enough to give us one month supply or more specifically, 30 servings in total. If you make the purchase directly from Lethal Supplements, one jar with 30 servings will cost you a total of $49.99 giving us a price per serving of $1.66. If you purchase a jar from Suppz, you get the same 30 servings jar, for just $34.99 giving us a price per serving of $1.16.

Now let’s get to the supplement facts.

review of cracken from lethal supplements

Cracken from Lethal Supplement – Supplement Facts

​We get a lot of the standard stuff, and that’s a good thing. I always welcome tried and tested substances @ correct dosages in my pre-workout supplements. Personally, I like the 2 grams of beta-alanine which is my sweet-spot for this substance. I am also a huge fan of L-theanine combined with Caffeine. What really makes this supplement stand out from the crowd is the combination of the following hard hitting substances; 2-Aminoisoheptane, Eria Jarensis extract, Synephrine and Yohimbine. I think its fair to say that this combination will be too much stimulation for the average pre-workout user. I am not a personal fan of Yohimbine and I cannot even imagine how I will react if I combined this with the above listed substances. There is a lot of good, solid and proven substances in Cracken, but also a bunch of novel ones, where we simply don’t know how they affect one-another.

Verdict on Cracken

I think Cracken is a really interesting pre-workout. It is heavy on stims and probably more than what most people will enjoy (note that I am solely basing this on the supplement facts and not on any personal experience). I also think its nice to see a 100% transparent supplement facts label and some good dosages. Personally I won’t be testing this, as it contains Yohimbine. If you don’t have a problem with that, and you need something to provide lots of energy, this might be it.

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