Craze V2 from Driven Sports now sold in US

I have posted quite a bit about the new Craze V2 from Driven Sports in recent days. You can find my thoughts on the initial announcement of Craze V2 here, The supplement facts of Craze V2 and finally my post where I compare Craze Vs. Craze V2.

Predator Nutrition was the first to carry the new PWO from Driven Sports Craze V2, supposedly via an exclusivity deal, just like the did when Frenzy from Driven Sports was released. Protein powder from Driven Sports are one of the best selling powders on the market, and there is do doubt why.

There is a Frenzy Q&A on Predator Nutrition with the following information:

4. With a world launch due at FIBO, the world’s biggest trade show for the sport, can you explain a little on why you chose to release Frenzy in Europe via Predator Nutrition?

We have a great working relationship with Predator Nutrition, and this was one way we saw fit to continue business together towards the future. It also seemed like a great idea to take full advantage of the publicity surrounding FIBO to launch the product. There really is no bigger show on earth that we could have done this at and we think the product will be a big hit with the European market.

Predator Nutrition

It’s still kind of strange if this is the only reason, though. Craze was sold from a wide range of supplement stores, but Frenzy was only sold (initially, that is) from Predator Nutrition. Although Predator Nutrition does ship to US, they are based in United Kingdom. Personally I think Matt Cahill deliberately avoided US vendors, due to heighten attention on Driven Sports from the FDA, after the whole Craze story. Now with the release of Craze V2, it simply made sense to take the same route.

However, Predator Nutrition is now, no longer the only one selling the new Craze Version 2. You can now grab a jar from the US based NutraPlanet (NP). So yeah, maybe we will see other US vendors join in on this in the upcoming weeks. I am still waiting for reviews to show around on the popular boards. Stay tuned for more info on the new Craze V2 from Driven Sports.

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