Crazy Bulk Review: Will These Legal Steroids Bulk You Up?

crazy bulk

Yes, steroids can help you burn fat and pack up a lot of muscle. But, we all know that most come with a variety of harmful side effects. And of course, some steroids are illegal, and many people have gone to jail for having or using them. But what if I told you that there are several safe and legal steroids that you can use to bulk up and increase your strength and endurance? Yes, a reputable health and fitness company called Crazy Bulk has been producing a range of legal and safe steroids. In fact, many bodybuilders swear by Crazy Bulk’s steroids.

In this Crazy Bulk Review, I’ll take you through several steroids that the company produces. I’ll also look at some of their ingredients, how they work, and whether or not they really work as the company claims. If you are looking for legal steroids that’ll give you real steroid results without posing any health risks, stick with me through the end and discover why Crazy Bulk could be your best shot.

What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is an accredited company that involves the best fitness and health experts in the manufacture of 100% harmless, original, and legal steroids. Crazy Bulk steroids are designed for the following results, among others;

  • Massive muscle gains
  • Faster fat loss
  • Improved endurance and strength
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Lean muscle growth and repair

With over 509,389 bottles sold, Crazy Bulk proves to be customers’ most preferred choice for legal and safe steroids supply. Endless research and improvements to meet the constantly changing demands and preferences make them the best in the game. The company was founded in 2014, but its uniqueness and continuous customer approval have set it apart from the rest.

Why do I need Crazy Bulk Steroids?

There are several reasons why these legal and naturally made steroids should be number one in your list of preferences. Compared to alternative products which besides being prohibited, may also cause dangerous health complications, Crazy Bulk provides harmless, natural, and authorized steroids with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Imagine a product that leaves you in a worse fitness and health state than you were before. This is precisely what you get from using alternative steroids; you become weaker, less masculine, reduce your body’s testosterone levels, and you might even end up behind bars.

The best thing about Crazy Bulk steroids is that unlike other alternatives, there’s no need to continue using them the whole of your lifetime. The body becomes naturally responsive and initiates continuous protein production. This ensures that the muscles you gain as a result of its usage become active and remain so forever, regardless of whether you stop using the steroids or not. Furthermore, it only takes 30-60 days before you start experiencing positive results.

Crazy Bulk Products

As pointed out earlier, the company produces a wide range of bulking steroids. Below, we look at some of their top and best-selling products:


This is an upgraded version of Anavar that enables patients to retain muscle weight during treatment and healing. Anavrol works by improving your general stamina, cutting cycles, and preserving the lean muscles. What made Anavrol steal the popularity from Anavar is that it has zero dangerous effects, plus it’s relatively more affordable. This feature ranks it among the best Crazy Bulk products for muscle preservation.

Anavrol improves your phosphocreatine levels, which in turn creates more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Faster production of ATP resulting from Anavrol usage gives you the much-needed energy and muscle strength during workouts. For maximum results, I would recommend that you use Anvarol together with another steroid such as Clenbutrol. Mixing the two not only helps in burning of fat but also in the optimum preservation of muscle mass.



One thing I like about these steroids is that they always have a better and upgraded alternative at hand. Clenbutrol, a perfect substitute for the outdated Clenbuterol, mostly serves bodybuilders. It has been used by many Hollywood actors and athletes to burn fat and bulk up.

This upgraded fat burner is arguably the best you can find in the market right now. Clenbutrol aims at boosting your metabolic rate hence propelling the burning of fats and calories by your body. To achieve this, it is made of powerful natural ingredients such as InnoSlim and Capsaicin.

One customer says, “I looked at a few sites, but Crazy Bulk had everything I needed. Clenbutrol leaves up to the hype. I recommend 100%.” Besides being a powerful fat burner, Clenbutrol helps in boosting your energy, plus it’s also safe and legal. It is, therefore, one of the many Crazy Bulk steroids that I trust and recommend!


This is another Crazy Bulk steroid whose usage guarantees the best beach physique that every man or woman dreams for. It’s a perfect and legal substitute for Winstrol. It is best for cutting, lean muscle retention, performance boost, and strength accumulation.

If you are either an aspiring or veteran athlete that wishes to dominate the field, Winsol is here for you. Besides giving you the much-needed stamina, it is a legal booster; hence, you don’t have to worry about the anti-doping tests. Winsol will, therefore, give you an edge over your competitors on the track or any other sporting activity. For best results and satisfaction, you should stack with either Anvarol or Clenbutrol.

Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack

All three products discussed above also fall into this category. There is a new addition, however, called TestoMax. If you’re looking to burn a lot of body fat while still adding on more pounds of muscle, Crazy Bulk recommends that you use all four steroids. Clenbutrol is especially good for burning fat, and Anvarol will help you preserve muscle in the process. Winsol is perfect for keeping you in top shape, and TestoMax will keep you feeling and looking your best.

The logic behind the introduction of Cutting Stack was to come up with an all-in-one solution to your multitasking fitness needs. Dieting and losing weight at the same time could lead to lower testosterone production. This could cause adverse physical and hormonal effects on your body.

The cutting period requires you to eat less and work out more, which lowers the testosterone levels. To prevent this from happening, you need the Cutting Stack. This helps you maximize fat burning, retain muscle mass, get you in the best condition, and boost your testosterone levels, helping you maintain your performance during a workout.

Other Potent Crazy Bulk Steroids

testo max crazy bulk


Testo-Max is another legal top-selling steroid that improves the testosterone levels in men. Apart from testosterone boost, it also enhances strength gains, muscle development, increased energy, and superb performance. This Sustanon alternative is made up of ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid, which triggers the production of more testosterone by stimulating the active hormones. It is also made up of magnesium, zinc, vitamins K1, B6, and D. All of these boost testosterone levels for larger muscle sizes, stamina, power, and improved performance.

no2 max crazy bulk


I should blame the manufacturer for naming this steroid NO2-MAX; it ought to be NO1 Max. This booster is designed to heighten oxygenated blood supply during workouts by increasing your nitric oxide intensity. Increased blood flow all over your muscles enables you to lift heavier weights, feel more relaxed, and less fatigued. The gym experience becomes addictive, and you’ll always be yearning for more!

NO2-MAX also enhances quicker recovery from workouts since the oxygenated blood is rapidly pumped to the muscles that become fatigued in the course of action. For optimum results, use with any other Crazy Bulk steroid.

anadrole crazy bulk


Anadrole is the perfect substitute for Oxymetholone (Anadrol). It naturally works to increase the production of red blood cells. The RBCs channel more oxygen to your muscles, reducing the chances of fatigue. With increased oxygen flow, you can experience optimum strength and stamina, fast recovery, and extreme muscle gains.

Anadrole is like a gas station for your muscles, fuelling them with oxygenated blood, which is an essential accessory during workouts. I have personally tried this booster and didn’t notice any side effects from its use; in fact, I left the gym incredibly rejuvenated and relaxed.

Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids Rating and Benefits

To verify that the steroids work as efficiently as the manufacturer claims, we conducted a simple experiment based on their features. As a control experiment, we used steroids from other brands. We tested the number of calories burned from using these different sets of steroids. We did multiple steroid cycles with one week of treatment, followed by a two-week treatment-free period.

We took 15 milligrams of steroids per day, and at the end of each therapy, moved to an air-conditioned room for measurement of skin temperature. After two repeated treatment cycles, my partner, who used Crazy Bulk steroids, recorded a massive 30% burn of calories. Using alternative steroids, I could only afford an 18% decline in the calorie levels.

It is clear that compared with the controlled steroid, Crazy Bulk more effectively under the same conditions. This is evident in the varying amounts of calories burned during the experiment. Our findings are a clear testimony that Crazy Bulk steroids work most effectively and efficiently as the manufacturer specifies. The following are some of the benefits that become apparent to us after testing these legal steroids:

  • Enhanced performance and reduced recovery time.
  • Reduced feeling of fatigue and exhaustion during workouts.
  • Increased bedroom confidence due to massive muscle development.
  • Increases endurance to strain.
  • The best alternative to steroids that safeguards your testosterone production.
  • Quick positive body reaction and noticeable changes within 30 days.
  • No needles or prescriptions needed.
  • Build natural and permanent muscles faster than ordinary people without much strain.
  • No harmful side effects
  • Increased blood circulation.

Want to Get Rid of Man Boobs? Try Crazy Bulk Gynexin

One of the most misleading and stereotypical misconceptions is that working out your chest muscles will help eliminate the men’s boobs. WRONG! The solution lies in Crazy Bulk’s Gynexin- a scientifically proven steroid that will get rid of your moobs before you know it. The steroid contains natural ingredients like Sclareolides, Caffein, and Guggulsterones. Each of these ingredients is uniquely made to help in the elimination of men’s boobs.

Sclareolides cuts off the production of estrogen- a female hormone for boobs and breast development. Concurrently, they also boost the production of testosterone. Caffeine accelerates the burning of fats by releasing enzymes that guide the regular fat break-down. Guggulsterones, on the other hand, raise your metabolism, thus speeding up the burning of adipose (fat) tissue responsible for moob development.

Crazy Bulk Reviews

There are numerous positive customer reviews and testimonials available online and on Crazy Bulk’s official homepage. Jakes, a professional wrestler and one of Crazy Bulk’s happy customers, says,” I’ve always wanted more strength and stamina, especially when I’m in wrestling season. I’ve used Testo-Max for a month now and gained 15lbs muscles, and I’m now down to 11% body fat.”

Since most of these steroids are built around muscle development and burning of fat, I came up with two informative guidelines on how to fully optimize their usage.

How to build your muscles with Crazy Bulk

  1. Set up a daily target and track your calorie levels to note the progress.
  2. Replenish your body by drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration.
  3. Combine at least two steroids for the best outcomes.
  4. Give your body some resting time after prolonged workouts to enable muscle recovery.
  5. Eating fruits like oranges before an exercise reduces muscle soreness, thus boosting performance.

How to burn fat with Crazy Bulk

  1. Don’t over-stuff the stomach with food before a workout session. This makes it difficult to burn more calories.
  2. Eat fewer carbohydrates. It enables your body to use excessive body fats as an alternative source of energy.
  3. Make a morning workout routine. At this time, your stomach is probably empty, enabling the body to use excessive fats as an energy source.

Where can I Purchase Crazy Bulk Steroids?

Imagine the feeling of pride that comes when your friends and colleagues acknowledge how big you’ve grown for your shirts and pants. This has been made a reality thanks to Crazy Bulk steroids. To place your order, today, check out the company’s product homepage here:

You can also contact them through +1(646) 893 7753 or email them directly at