Diverge Max from Divided Labs: Review

I have mostly covered pre-workout supplements here on muscles.zone but today I will be taking a closer look at a new non-hormonal anabolic igniter / test booster, or whatever you want to call it. The supplement is called Diverge Max and is developed by the company Divided Labs; they call this supplement an all-in-1 muscle builder.

Now before we look at the substances used in this pre-workout supplement, please note that I have not tested Vaso Sport personally. This review is solely based on the supplement facts and not on any personal experience.

Non-Hormonal Anabolic Igniter

    • Maximize Lean Muscle Growth
    • Massive Increase In Strength
    • Increased Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention
    • Elevate Insulin Sensitivity
    • Improve Vascularity

If your goal is to gain muscle, look better, feel better, and perform better, then Diverge Max is perfect for you. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to pack on muscle, gain a competitive edge, and just perform better overall as an athlete.

Divided Labs took two of the strongest muscle building ingredients in the world, and combined them with BioPerine. What does this mean? You are getting two ingredients, Epicatechin and Laxosterone, that are clinically proven to pack on massive amounts of strength and muscle, and combining them with a top of the line nutrient absorber. So, not only are you receiving high quality muscle building ingredients, but you are also receiving another ingredient that allows your body to absorb the muscle building ingredients and optimal and maximized percentages.

Directions: Take 2 capsules of Diverge Max Daily. Split evenly: take one capsule with 1 meal and your second capsule with another meal.

Divided Labs

Diverge Max from Divided Labs

Good stuff, but what do you actually get from a serving of Diverge Max. This isnt your usual supplement stuff with tons of different ingridients. Diverge Max contains just a couple. Here goes:

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  • Laxosterone® (5a hydroxy laxogenin) 50 mg
  • Epicatechin 100 mg
  • Bioperine® 5 mg


Diverge Max – Supplement Facts


Laxosterone is one of the hottest muscle building supplements on the market. Many companies offer under dosed options and low-quality sourcing of the ingredient. In Diverge Max we get the trademarked source Laxosterone® and we get a massive full 50 mg per capsule. Laxosterone is basically another name for laxogenin which is a natural plant based steroid – this might sound like voodoo, smoke and mirrors, but this should not be viewed as some homeopathy nonsense; although there is a lack of scientific studies on this stuff, on humans, there are lots of people sharing impressive personal experiences from using this stuff. A natural and legal OTC alternative to the dark side with no side effects and no need for PCT will sound too good to be true, but it is definately worth to keep an eye out for this stuff. You probably should not expect insane results, but it might do more than your standard tribulus terrestris test booster.


Epicatechin, a molecule found in dark chocolate, has been studied, showing this ingredient to increase nitric oxide levels, heighten insulin sensitivity, tighten skin and enhance muscle building capacity while lowering your bodies myostatin levels. Specially the part on lowering myostatin levels is interesting from a bodybuilding perspective. The body has proteins that are produced and released to prevent too much muscle growth. These proteins are called myostatin. Their job in the body is to inhibit myogenesis (muscle cell growth and differentiation). By using Diverge MAX you will block your bodies myostatin to ultimately build more muscle mass. Now like with the laxogenin, we still need to see more studies done on humans with this stuff, but there was a study done that quite clearly showed some correlation between epicatechin consumption, myostatin and follistatin levels. Do note that this study was done on a total of 6 people and with no placebo group, so take it with a gram of salt. With that being said, this is clearly a very interesting substance that has been proven safe, and could potentially give your muscle building efforts a significant boost.


Countless clinical studies suggest that when a 5 mg dose of BioPerine® is taken with other ingredients, it drastically increases the absorption of those other supplements. By including this ingredient in Diverge MAX it ensures all your other muscle building ingredients are fully absorbed for maximum effectiveness.​

Verdict on Diverge Max

It’s a “simple” performance enhancing supplement, in that it only contains two non-hormonal anabolic boosting substances, and one for increase absorption. Yet these are two very interesting substances that potentially could give you a really solid boost, and best of all; they are safe. I would love to get my hands on a jar of this stuff and give it a go. Note that this review is solely based on the supplement facts, and not my personal experience. If you have tested this supplement, please do share you thoughts on it, below.

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