DVST8 White Cut from Inspired Nutraceuticals: Review

Today I will take a closer look at a recently launched, but already immensely popular pre-workout supplement; DVST8 White Cut from Inspired Nutraceuticals. The guys over at stack3d clearly love this stuff, so I decided to take a closer look and see what this PWO is made of.

Inspired Nutraceuticals have a range of different high grade supplements in their portfolio, including LGND, CR3, 3MD3R and a couple of other ones as well. In today’s post, I will focus on the popular Pre-workout DVST8 White Cut.

Before I dive into details on the supplement facts, let’s first see what the company, has to say about their new pre-workout DVST8 White Cut;

In an industry full of “copycat” products, rarely does one truly stand out. With companies only formulating based off profit, rarely do they ever formulate anything worth while. WE ARE THE CHANGE.

We wanted to bring something out that has never been done before, something that goes beyond your basic “high stim” lack luster pre-workout. We wanted to put it all on the table, and we did.

Enter WHITE CUT. DVST8-WC is the most advanced pre-performance product ever made. In this no BS formula, we made sure to deliver the highest doses of some of the most well known ingredients in the market, but we didn’t stop there. We added an advanced nootropic system that delivers the strongest “laser like” focus beyond anything our beta-testers have ever tried. On top of having a cutting edge energy formula, we added raw coconut water, electrolytes and B Vitamins, all to help you better perform in the gym and get more out of your workouts.

-Chris Waldrum, President

Chris Waldrum – inspirednutraceuticals.com

DVST8 White Cut

Sounds good. Now lets take a closer look and see what you will get from a serving of this PWO. The supplement facts listed below, and details on these further down.

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  • V-Fuel Blend
  • Niacin: 10mg
  • Vitamin B6: 5mg
  • Vitamin B5: 5mg
  • Calcium: 13mg
  • Magnesium: 7mg
  • Sodium: 24mg
  • Potassium: 42mg
  • The Truth Matrix
  • L-Citrulline: 4,000mg
  • Betaine Anhydrous: 2,000mg
  • Beta Alanine: 1,600mg
  • L-Taurine: 1,000mg
  • Raw Coconut Water Concentrate: 250mg
  • MaxVol 2
  • Theobromine: 50mg
  • Higenamine Hydrochloride: 20mg
  • Cocoa Extract: 7.5mg
  • ThermoFocus Blast: 417.5mg Prop. blend
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 100mg
  • 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA)
  • N-Phenylethyl Dimethylamine Citrate (eria jarensis extract)
  • Caffeine Citrate: 50mg
  • Di-Caffeine Malate: 50mg
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride
  • Rauvolfia Canescens (Alpha Yohimbe)
  • Bio Perine


Wow – What a mix. There is a lot of stuff to go through here. First of all, I like the fact that creatine doesn’t form part of the mix. Personally, I prefer to take creatine as a standalone supplement, in order to get it in the right dosage. In addition to this, I don’t care if creatine is taken pre- or post-workout; results are the same.

Unfortunately the ThermoFocus Blast mix is a prop. blend, and that’s a shame. This way, we won’t know how much of what we get. With that being said, the rest of the supplement facts are all disclosed 100% which is a plus in my book.

We also know that we get a total of 200 mg of caffeine, from a mix of Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate and Di-Caffeine Malate. 200mg is my personal sweet spot, where I get a good bump of energy, without the jittery. However, keep in mind that this isn’t your typical 200mg of standard caffeine. The inclusion of caffeine citrate and Di-Caffeine Malate might just give it that extra bit of boost.

The Thermo Focus Blast mix is clearly going to bump your energy levels! Now as I haven’t tried this stuff yet, I can’t say for sure how crazy this stuff is – also because it’s based on a prop. blend. But there is no doubt that the combination of the listed substances will give you a pretty insane rise in energy levels. The combination of DMHA and Eria Jarensis extract alone, is bound to give you some hard-hitting energy. Now combine it with what else is listed in the Thermo Focus Blast and I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t a pre-workout for the average Joe.


​DVST8 – Supplement Facts


A common substance in modern pre-workout supplements, but often used in less than beneficial dosages. This is not the case with DVST8 White Cut though. Here we get a massive 4,000 mg which is exactly what we need to get the full effect from this brilliant ingredient. L-Citrulline supports the optimization of blood flow to the tissues. It helps to reduce the lactic acid build-up that in short will speed up recovery, and optimize your performance at the gym. It’s a solid substance with proven benefits and here we get the very right dosage in order to get the full effect.

Betaine Anhydrous

This is an amino acid (which is also known as Trimethylglycine), or more specifically, it is composed of the amino acid glycine with three methyl groups (tri-methyl) bonded to it has been fairly well studied and shown to help enhance strength, power and muscle mass through boosting your muscle protein synthesis, as well as promoting fat loss. Most studies showing benefit from a performance enhancing perspective is with individuals using around 2.5 grams daily. With DVST8 we are getting 2 grams. Close enough for me.


Beta-Alanine is a superstar substance from a bodybuilding perspective and one of my personal favorites. 2,000 mg is the sweet spot for me, which is exactly what we are getting here. See this post or more information on Beta Alanine, and this post if you ever had any doubts on the effects from Beta Alanine. The short version is that beta-alanine is good for the following:

  • Increased strength and power output
  • Improved endurance
  • Delayed muscular fatigue
  • Increased work capacity


L-Taurine is know to have mood enhancing effects, ability to lower cortisol levels, and it is believed to helps prevent oxidative stress induced by exercise. From a pre-workout perspective, this is often promoted as a focus enhancing substance. It is a very common ingredient in pre-workout supplements and there is a good reason for this; it comes with a wide range of benefits. We typically see it dosed around 500 to 3,00 mg. Quite a gap there, but this clearly is a substance with shattered opinions on the proper dosing. Here we get  a total of 1,000 mg. Good stuff!

Raw Coconut Water Concentrate

We have seen this in a couple of other pre-workout supplements as well. Coconut water has been shown to have several different benefits from a workout perspective. The most common reason for it’s inclusion is the ability to rehydrate you quickly and replenish electrolytes. In addition to this, coconut water has been shown to support weight loss, proper kidney function and reduce blood pressure. Lot’s of good reasons to get a daily dosage of this stuff!


​Theobromine is a substance found in a number of natural substances, including cocoa. It’s similar to caffeine, although it is said to be weaker but also longer lasting. It is also supposed to feel more smooth compared to that of caffeine. It boosts endurance and supports recovery. Scientists now think that it is responsible for the aphrodisiac effects of chocolate, which is nice.

Higenamine Hydrochloride

Higenamine is also seen in more and more supplements, specially in fat burners as it is believed to have weight loss properties similar to that of ephedrine. Higenamine is also known as Norcoclaurine and 1-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-6, 7-diol. Being both a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist as well as an alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist, it carries many similarities to ephedrine and synephrine. However, compare to Ephedrine and Synephrine, there is a lack of evidence on Higenamine to support the above-listed claims. However, based on a personal experience and based on what other people say about this online, I think it’s fair to say that this certainly is a substance that will induce the fight or flight response.

Cocoa Extract

For more Theobromine and Caffeine. This stuff is also known as Chocolate polyphenols, Cocoa polyphenols, Cacao polyphenols, Cacao extract and Chocamine. This has been shown to carry a wide range of positive effects, but mostly you can think of this as some additional caffeine and theobromine.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The good old caffeine at a low but justified dosage. We all know what this stuff does, but just in case you have been you have been living under a rock, here is the short version: It will give you a physical and mental energy boost.

This is done in different ways, for one by boosting the effects of serotonin, acetylcholine and dopamine. It also blocks adenosine receptors and increase the release of catecholamines. All in all this allows your body to send more blood to your muscles, release sugar for energy and make your heart beat faster.

300 mg might be a bit too much for some people and is likely to make you jittery. The typical dosage tends to be closer to 200 mg and that is my personal sweet spot. 100 mg is a low dose compared to other pre-workout supplements, but what you got to keep in mind here is that there are several different sources of caffeine in this mix; and there is a bunch of other stuff that will boost your energy way beyond what caffeine can ever do (even at very high levels).

DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane

This stuff is new in the supplement space and claimed to be the new true DMAA alternative. We have heard this story a couple of times recently; namely with AMP Citrate (DMBA) and Eria Jarensis extract (N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine). 2-amino-6-methylheptane is the next substance in line, hyped to be similar to DMAA in structure and effect. It is also listed as DMHA, 2-aminoisoheptane and Octodrine. If the claims are true, then this stuff is likely to give you very potent energy boost, but that might also be a reason for caution.

We have seen this substance used in lots of new supplements, recently. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the new Game Day from MAN Sports, which also contains DMHA. More recently I wrote about Giant Rush from Giant Sports which also contain this ingredient. There are several other supplements containing this, and I am sure we will see even more, going forward. Personally, I haven’t tested DMHA, but based on other people’s experiences, this sure seems like a very solid alternative to DMAA, and as far as I can grasp, a far more potent substance than the former AMP Citrate (DMBA).

N-Phenylethyl Dimethylamine Citrate (Eria Jarensis extract)​

Ever since the ECA Stack days, when ephedrine was prohibited for use in dietary supplements, people have been looking for a solid alternative.

I have shared the history of ephedrine, DMAA, Dendrobium extract, BMPEA and DMBA / AMP Citrate before here on muscles.zone. You can find the post here: AMP Citrate.

With the recent ban on AMP Citrate, people have been searching for the next new thing to give them the same buzz they got from all the above-listed substances. Well, now it seems like we got it. Maybe not exactly as potent as DMAA, but at least something that will give you the same kind of feeling. This is definitely something there is market for, so it’s no wonder that supplement manufacturers spend a lot of time and money to find the next alternative.

A couple of supplements have this substance on the list and reviews have started to flow in. The short version is that people like it, and based on reviews, Eria Jarensis Extract does seem to give people a buzz / europhic feeling somewhat similar to that of DMAA, just not as powerful. From my own experience with SP250, I think this stuff hits harder and more intensive than DMAA but the span is shorter. The feeling is similar but still different. I cannot even imagine what the combination of this and DMHA will do – needless to say that this alone, is a powerful and intensive combination, and surely not something for everyone.

Caffeine Citrate​

More caffeine, this time in the combination with Citric Acid, resulting in Caffeine Nitrate. There is definitely a lack of studies on this new designer form of caffeine, but it is said to give a smoother effect compared to that of normal caffeine. In addition to this, it is also believed that the effect from caffeine is prolonged when combined with citric acid.

Di-Caffeine Malate​

Another popular caffeine variation, that also goes by the name Infinergy. This is widely used in pre-workout supplements. Di-Caffeine Malate is a combination of caffeine and malic acid, which is bound together giving us di-caffeine malate / infinergy.

There are many similarities with Di-Caffeine Malate to Caffeine Citrate, namely that there once again, is a lack of scientific studies on this stuff. Besides from this, it is believed to have the same benefits when compared to normal caffeine, in that it gives a slower and more smooth release of energy. This way the user should feel less jittery, and have a longer lasting energy experience.

Synephrine Hydrochloride

Synephrine is a chemical compound that can increase lipolysis and your metabolism, and prevent fat mobilization by inhibiting certain fat cell receptors. This is a very common substance in fat burners and pre-workout supplemenets as well. It is often listed as bitter orange or citrus aurantium. Some people refer to this is a (much) weaker ephedrine, but as far as I can tell, there really isn’t any comparison between the two (from an energy perspective, that is).

Alpha Yohimbe

Another well-known substance, specially in fat burners. This substance will increase adrenaline levels in the body, as well as inhibit a regulatory process in fat cells, which normally suppresses fat burning. More specifically, it is an alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist, which blocks alpha-receptors which are responsible for stopping fat-breakdown; hence the reason for it being used in fat burners. In addition to this, it is also highly stimulatory where some people respond fine to it, and others don’t. Note that this stuff easily can up your anxiety! Personally, I don’t respond well to this stuff, and had preferred to see DVST8 White Cut without this stimulant. With that being said, this is listed far down on the list of this prop. blend meaning we probably won’t get a lot of it.

Bio Perine

This is an extract of black pepper. It improves absorption of nutrients significantly. So it plays a vital role in ensuring proper absorption of the many ingredients in this formula. A common substance in pre-workouts and a good addition to make sure we get the most of all the substances used in DVST8.

Verdict on DVST8 White Cut

There is no doubt about DVST8 White Cut! It must be an amazing pre-workout supplement and people do seem to agree on this. Note that I haven’t tested this but I plan on giving it a go soon. I am a bit hesitant because of the Alpha Yohimbe, but as mentioned above, this is listed as one of the last substances on the prop. blend, so the dose of this is bound to be low. Besides from the Yohimbe, this pre-workout contains an amazing list of proven substances, that will give you lots of energy to hit the weights. Without having tried this, I think its fair to say that this isnt your typical pre-workout formula and if you are new to this space, you probably want to go easy with this one and start out with half of the recommended dosage, just to get a feel for this, before you go all in.

I will update this post with my own experience, once I have tested this PWO. If you have tried this, I would love to hear your thoughts. Simply drop a comment below and share your thoughts. ​

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