Dymatize ISO 100 Reviewed

ISO-100 is a protein powder produced by Dymatize. Although it is not changed enough to describe it as “revamped”, the manufactured does claim to have improved the flavor.

The company’s documentation makes a lot of statements that the product is clean and does not contain any banned substances. There is a story behind this. In 2013, a number of reports came out of Europe claiming that this product contained banned or controlled substances. Also, the proportion of protein and carbs were very different from the label. This caused a lot of scares at the time, and Dymatize suffered consumer backlash as a result.

However, closer examination revealed that the products which contained these substances were actually forgeries! The genuine Dymatize products were clean at the time, and are still clean. Since then, Dymatize makes a point of confirming this on their labels. They have had the product inspected and certified as clean so that you can be confident in the quality of their ingredients.

Dymatize has been a top brand for over twenty years. However, the company was bought by a conglomeration last year. The question on everyone’s lips is will the high quality protein powder continue now the firm is under new management?


Dymatize claims that this product is absorbed ultra-fast in order to provide users with the quickest acting nutrition. It backs this claim with a description of the benefits of hydrolyzed protein, and describing the process used to filter the proteins from whey. Apparently the cross-flow micro-filtration process preserves more of the important elements than other methods.

Supplement facts:

A single serving (30g) contains 25g of protein. There are 110 calories – 5 of which come from fat. Confusingly, the product label also claims that the product contains no fat – something doesn’t add up here! Moving on, a serving also contains 1g of carbs, and 5mg of cholesterol. There are 150mg of sodium and 150mg of potassium. It contains 15% of the daily amount of calcium.

Here are the active ingredients:
* hydrolyzed whey protein isolates
* Soy lecithin

In addition, there is milk, salt, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose and stevia leaf extract.

The protein contains 5.5 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and this includes 2.7g of L-Leucine. It is also formulated without gluten or lactose.

For those who don’t know, stevia is a herb which tastes very sweet but does not contain sugar. Together with the sucrolose, these make the shake sweeter.

Hydrolyzed whey protein is processed more rapidly by the body as it has been already partially broken down through enzymatic action. This makes it very, very fast to digest, so you should start to feel the difference very quickly. The process also yields more amino acids from the same protein source, including branched chain amino acids. In addition, it has anti-oxidant properties, which help with recovery and also support the immune system. This makes the product especially useful when doing intense training.

Overall, the ingredient list is small, which is a good thing. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and diversity, Dymatize is pushing the benefits of high quality ingredients which are well processed and formulated for easy absorption.

Flavors, jar sizes and price per serving

ISO-100 is available in several sweet flavors, including familiar ones such as “cookies and cream”, “gourmet chocolate”, “gourmet pina colada”, “fudge brownie”, “gourmet vanilla”, “smooth banana” and strawberry. There are a couple of flavors I have not seen before; “birthday cake” and “orange dreamsicle” win points for originality!

Often, names which include “gourmet” make me very suspicious. However, the flavor scores for all of these options are high. The chocolate and fudge brownie are the most popular.

The jars are available in several sizes, from 1.6lbs through to 5lbs.

As always, larger jars mean cheaper servings. At 5lbs, you are buying more than 75 servings for about $69.99 – let’s be conservative and say that’s $1 per serving. In my opinion that’s great value for a high quality product.


The community loves this product! The average rating is excellent, at 9.3 average on bodybuilding.com. Supplementreviews.com also has a lot of high ratings, but on this site the average review is closer to 86%. These are very respectable scores!

The most popular points are a lack of bloating, great taste and effectiveness. Other comments show that this product mixes really well, with no lumps, clumps or grittiness.

Other reviews praised the recovery support. Users agreed that next-day soreness was diminished, and that they felt more energy and saw better muscle growth with this protein.

I could not find any complaints about the product or effects – the only negative reviews I found were talking about delays in shipping or damaged containers. These customers lived in some pretty remote areas, so I think we can’t really blame the manufacturer for that!


With so many positive reviews, I think that picking this product is a no-brainer! The quality of the ingredients is great, the mixibility is a good sign of purity, the price is reasonable, and it does what it says. I’m sold!

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