Eight Fitness Trackers You Need to See

Fitness trackers, activity trackers, health trackers, wearable tech – gadgets you wear that tracks activities like running, swimming, jogging, cycling and sleeping are becoming more and more popular every single day. New trackers are released all the time, and the features are getting more and more advanced and accurate.

Today there are more than 100 different kind of trackers on the market, most of which are very similar in what they track. In this post I have listed a total of seven different activity trackers which, in my opinion, are the most interesting on the market for now.

Withings Activité

wrist watch Withings Activité fitness tracker
Withings Activité is the new generation Swiss Made watch, combining time and activity tracking. Compared to other fitness tracking devices, Activité has a true watch look. You can get it in two different colors; a sleek black pattern with an orange accent and a glistening white face with a blue accent.

Activité from Withings is more than just a watch. It can track steps, distance, calories, running, swimming and your sleep. It iOS compatible and Android compatible by the end of Febuary 2015. Overall, its look like a good healt tracker, with a beautifuyl design, but it also comes with a high price point of $450.

See more http://www.withings.com/us/withings-activite.html


FlyFit Fitness Tracker
FlyFit; a simple and convenient way to track and monitor your daily activities. FlyFit is a tracker that goes around your ankle, tracks activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming and sleeping. FlyFit is water-proof, syncs to your smartphone via bluetooth and comes in 5 different colors. FlyFit does not show any stats on the tracker itself, but is all displayed on a connected app, which also allows you to team up with friends, compete and set goals.

The price for FlyFit will be just around $130 and should be shipping in Febuary 2015.


Shine Fitness Tracker
Shine from MisFit is another new and cool activity tracker. Unlike any other fitness tracker, you can wear Shine anywhere. The minimalistic metal designed device is beautiful and shows you how active you have been throughout the day through a halo of small lights. Shine track activities like walking, running, swimming, cycling, calories, distance and sleep quality. You dont need to change Shine as the replaceble battery lasts up to 6 months. Its waterproof, allows you to set and track goals and compete with friends.

Shine from MisFit will cost you a total of $99 and comes in 10 differnet colors. See more here: http://misfit.com/products/shine


Amiigo Fitness Tracker
Amiigo is another fitness tracker that started out as a project on a crowd funding site. The tracker is a clean black & grey colored Bracelet (other colors available too) that can track your resting heart rate, steps, exercise, calories burned and your sleeping pattern. Amiigo does not show any info on the tracker itself, but is displayed on a connected app, available both for Android and iphone.

Amiigo has a battery lifetime of only 3 days, but the tracker can be charged wireless. It’s waterproof, looks good and can be pre-ordered for a total price of $179.


up 24 from jawbone

Up 24 is a n activity tracker from Jawbone. It looks cool and raw and comes with some really cool features. UP 24 will track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. You sleet will also be tracked, and Up 24 will provide you with personalized suggestions to help you get to bed at the best possible time. It will also give you personalized insights to you need, in order to reach your goals. Up 24 also allows for easy food and drink logging, ability to connect with friends and family so you can reach goals together and track calories burned based on age, weight, height and activity levels, etc.

Basically Up24 is an awesome tracker that comes with a bunch of cool features and it looks good too. Get it here for $129.


GymWatch Fitness tracker
GymWatch is a tracker for people focused on building muscles, and definately one the more interesting trackers in my opinion. GymWatch goes beyond simply counting reps and steps, the GYMWATCH Sensor isn’t simply about motivating you to work out, it actually helps you perform your workout better by focusing on muscle building, strength and calorie burning. Strapped to your arm and/or your leg, the sensor measures the full range of motion you do in every exercise. Two sensors can be used simultaneously in a duo. GymWatch connectes to your iphone or android phone to give you real-time visual and auditory feedback on your posture and technique. It can detect incorrectly performed exercises and offer tips to improve them so you get the maximum benefit from your workout; pretty damn handy!

GymWatch is sold for a total of $199 and you can grab it right here.


Fitness Tracker VivoSmart
Garmin is the company behind the new tracker VivoSmart; a new activity tracker that automatically syncs to your smartphone, tracks calories burned, steps, heart rate, time, sleeping patterns and is water resistant. It looks cool and comes in various colors. You can get your own VivoSmart for a total of $170


Skulpt fitness trackerSkulpt is a new tracker that allowes you to measure your body fat percentage and muscle quality. So yeah, Skulpt wont help you track your activity, but the results of your activities. After all your effort, don’t track the activity, track results. Aim accurately measures when you’re losing fat and gaining quality muscle. It analyzes thousands of data points on 24 different muscle groups, so you get a true representation of your fitness. Get it here for $199.

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