Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Supplement Review

Your workout is (almost) always enhanced when the use of a top quality pre-workout supplement is included in your iron-pumping session. But, with so many supplements out there, how can you choose the pre-workout supp that’s going to help provide that powerhouse workout? One supplement of interest is the Ghost Legends Pre-Workout Supplement. It has been out for close to a year now, if I’m not mistaken and last summer it received a lot of attention. There was a lot of hype around this pre-workout with and it was definitely something new in this space, from a marketing perspective.

An Inside look at Ghost Preworkout

Available in your choice of a fun fruit punch flavor or blue raspberry, or go with the WARHEADS X GHOST LEGEND for an extreme sour version. With one scoop per serving, a 30-serving container is enough to show exceptional results for a month in the gym, leading to many great, powerful workouts with great lean muscle mass coming your way. If you are a stim veteran, you might want to go with two scoops per serving, meaning a jar will last you just 15 days for $45. The pre-workout is designed for men, with an eye-catching ghostly-fun label on the container.

Ghost Legends Preworkout Nutritional Facts & Benefits

The Ghost Preworkout supplement contains 4g of L-Citrulline in each scoop, as well as Alpha GPC and Carnosyn Beta Alanine and a bunch of other ingredients, including caffeine, DeCaffeine Malate, taurine, theobromine and yohimbine. These are pretty standard ingredients in typical pre-workout supplements. One thing that tends to be different though, is that the dosing tends to be higher than what we are seeing here – specially when we take the price point into consideration as well. On a side note, I do enjoy the transparent label with all the details disclosed.

How to use Ghost Legend

Ghost Legend pre-workout supplement is used 20 minutes prior to your workout. The supplement is easy to use. All you’ll need to do is mix a full glass of water with one scoop of powder, shake, drink, and prepare to hit the gym.

What is the Ghost Legend Cost?

Compared to costs of other pre-workout supplements, Ghost Labs Legends is in the higher end of the range. The pre-workout supplement is available in a 30-serving size at a cost of $45.oo. If you need to go with two scoops per serving, it’s definitely in the higher end of the range.

Ghost Pre-Workout Verdict

If you want a solid pre-workout with a 100% transparent label, with an energy mix containing two types of caffeine and some yohimbine (plus more), and you are ready to pay a bit more than what you might do for other pre-workout supplements, well then, this might be for you.

Note that this supplement does not contain any of the infamous DMAA, DMBA or DMHA ingredients. But that does not mean it can’t do the job. Personally, I think this is a very nice pre-workout supplement, placing itself at a very average spot, in the mix of thousands of pre-workout supplements. Not too much and not too little, for a decent price.