Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum Nutrition: Review

I have actually posted about this protein powder from Optimum Nutrition several times here on, simply because it has been on the top ten best protein powder supplements every single month, for the year of 2015.

I Have tested several different protein powders throughout the years. I used to be a loyal fan of ISO 100 from Dymatize. I also used Syntha 6 from BSN for a long time. In the middle of 2015 I decided to give 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition ago. I have now been using this for a quite a while and overall I have been pleased with the product. There is one shortcoming but that´s about it. Read on for more details.

We all know that protein powder “works”. If you don’t get your proteins after your workout, everything else really doesn’t matter that much. The real question to ask is what is the best protein powder. There are lots and lots of options on the market, all of them promising to be better than any other protein powder you have tried before.

​So what should you really be looking for when choosing your protein powder? Naturally, you want to look at the supplement facts and make sure you get some quality protein. Price, taste and mixability are the next parameters you should have in mind. Side effects, company reputation, and reviews from users of the supplement are things to look for as well.

First of all if we look at the details of the supplement in question, the one issue I have here, is the protein blend is listed as the following: “Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Peptides” – but we don’t know the exact split here. To be completely honest, for most people this won´t matter much, but since we have such a wide range of choices, and most of the stuff out there is very similar, the difference that might make a product stand out, really does come down to these small things.

​Besides from this, I only have positive things to say about Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum. You get 24 grams of protein from a serving of 31 grams. The flavoring is really good and it mixes perfectly with milk. The company reputation is top notch and client reviews on Gold Standard 100% Whey is in the top range of this category; people love it.

​Gold Standard 100% Whey got a rating of A- over at LabDoor, which is a really good indication of the quality we are getting here. The only thing to highlight from their review is the following:


However, we did record the presence of Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K) in this product, which is a controversial artificial sweetener linked to a negative influence on taste preference. Pending research is testing hypotheses regarding Ace K’s negative effects on cognitive function, prenatal development, and carcinogenicity.


Besides from this LabDoor also only has positive things to say about this protein powder. ( Over at this protein powder got a rating of 8.9 out of 10. It is ranked as the second best whey protein out of a 100 on their site, which is impressive to say the least. On it holds a rating of 9 out of 10 which is based on a total of close to 9,000 reviews! On Amazon, the protein powder has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on more than 13,000 reviews! You will get 50 servings for $47.99 meaning that the price per serving will be $0.96 which really isn’t bad.

Overall I am really pleased with Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum, and right now I have no intention of changing to a different brand. I do however, have one alternative in mind, which is ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate from TransparentLabs. The reason for this is my recent experience with the brand and their awesome pre-workout supplement which you can read more about here. But I still got a full jar of Gold Standard 100% Whey that needs emptying before I go shop for something new, so I still haven’t made up my mind on this.

For now, if you are looking for a very solid, tried and tested protein source, Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum is a very good choice.

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