15 Rules to Live by For Optimal Health

Healthy living is the essence of the day if you want to make fewer visits to the doctors and cut down on medical bills. The extensive long hours at the work, unrestricted diet and constant stress take a toll on the lives of many people. So we have complied as little as 15 rules which one should abide by to achieve and maintain an optimal health.

Treat each and every day as a beautiful gift

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There are many people who have a habit of counting down the days left for Friday. If you are one of those then you are actually lamenting that life is too short. You must make it a habit to wake up and appreciate the day that you have been given. Each day is a whole new opportunity to experience life, eat, laugh, create, achieve and discover new things.

Eat right

Healthy eating

There is little doubt about the fact that we eat way too much. We need to cut back on the portions and resort to 4 or 6 meals per day and include all sources of protein such as lean meat, fish and nuts. This will help to normalize the blood sugar level and keep you full. You must try to consume unrefined whole foods in the natural state and do limit your consumption of frozen dinners, box items and deli food. Brown rice and whole wheat is good for health while the intake of sugar should be reduced. Protein supplementation can also be a good alternative for a small snack (I have covered a range of protein powders here). 

Drink adequate amount of water

The brain is made up of 75% water and if you are not properly hydrated, the cognitive functions take a hit. Recent studies in Berlin have found out that your metabolism increases by 30% after 40 min of drinking 500ml water. You get an energy boost which helps you to get things done.

Learn to open up

open your mind

Many of us are scared of being authentic and vulnerable. We fear that people will really see who we are and find out our weaknesses. Keep in mind that it is okay to seen with all kinds of social masks and pretenses. When you open up and show your real self and ask for when you really need it, you are actually giving permission to other people to do the same. When you lead by example you help to create a better world.

Get your dose of Vitamin D

vitamin d

It is a known fact that higher the level of Vitamin D in your body, the lower is the risk of developing breast and prostrate cancers. The Cancer Society recommends consumption of daily Vitamin D supplement of 1000 IU during the fall and winter months. You can also get your dose of vitamin D through exposure to sun for only a few minutes per day. You can ask your doctor for an optimal dose of Vitamin D.

Practice the art of acceptance

If you are unable to lead an ideal life then make peace with this perfect while you work hard towards achieving your goals. If you struggle on each and every day and resent each task that you need to complete, you will be drained off your precious energy and you will not have any left to pursue your goals. Always approach any work with a happy heart and you will always feel more energized.

Cut down on your intake of coffee

All kinds of study have revealed that any human body adapts the amount of caffeine that you consume on a regularly basis. So make it a rule to drink coffee only when you are in need of more energy and focus and always opt for flat white coffee to have the optimum effect. I got more on quitting caffeine here

Work for only 35 hours per week

It is true that you may feel more productive when you put in long hours at work but a number of studies have proved beyond doubt that at first there will be an increase in productivity due to long hours. However, after 4 weeks of long working for long hours the productivity will take a sharp nose dive. You will start making bad decisions and it will take longer time to fix. So it’s better to work for 35 hours only per week to achieve the optimal productivity.

Exercise regularly

You must incorporate at least 30 min of physical activity in your daily routine. Always include activities that include endurance, flexibility and strength. The best forms of exercise are biking, walking, playing golf and yoga. A woman must not only focus on cardio-exercises, try to include an intense resistance component in your regime. This is very important to prevent osteoporosis, boost the metabolism rate in the body and face the daily challenges of life more confidently. If you need help to jumpstart your workout sessions, you may want to consider a pre-workout supplement. I have covered the best ones here

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very vital in maintaining a good health and a high quality of life. If you do not get enough sleep then you will become susceptible to a number of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. On an average an adult functions best when they have at least 7 – 9 hours of sound sleep. You must feel refreshed when you wake up.

Do not let your emotions be your identity

When there is a rise in a strong emotional feeling, learn to observe the feeling and try to ask yourself what it is trying to teach you in the long run. If you become angry very often then you need to be a more peaceful and resilient person and bring about positive changes in your life situation.

Open your mind to new possibilities

A lot of things can happen in a single day – you may meet the right person, get a new life-changing idea or simply come across a brand new opportunity. You must clarify your desires to yourself but keep a little space in your heart and mind for the unexpected things and always hope for the best possible outcome.

Always be led by joy

There are many people who base their decisions on fears rather than being led by interests and passion. Always be led by joy and not by fear. When you make a decision based on what you enjoy, you tend to light up the whole world.

Think in positive terms

The world is only a reflection of your beliefs. If you constantly complain about problems and worries then you will definitely perpetuate the same conditions over and over again. When you shift focus towards the more positive objects in life, you will immediately start experiencing successful outcomes and a good fortune.

De-stress your life

Stress is a great factor for weight changes, heart diseases and mental illness. It is not the amount of stress which is the root of the problem but the way you handle it. When you manage stress properly, you can minimize the health risks. So it is better to develop a strategy to de-stress your life and always take regular breaks from work to re-energize yourself.

Apply these 15 ideas as a part of your daily routine and I am sure, you won’t regret it. ​

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  1. I very much love this reminder and here I am going off to do my morning routine.

    It is so true, sticking to all these rules will guarantee to make one feel much much better!

  2. Hi Jake,

    Impressive and agreeable set of choices for living a good healthy life. Liked that your 1st tip was to treat each day as a gift. It is and it could be your last, so live that day as if it was!

    Good post and interesting blog.

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