5 Simple Hacks to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

When a man turns 30 Testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. This continues as a man ages and causes symptoms such as depression mood, reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction and difficulty concentrating.

Reliable research and exhaustive studies have ascertained that natural measures such as changes in diet can increases testosterone levels.  In this brief but nonetheless detailed article we look at 7 natural techniques that will help boost your Testosterone Levels Naturally.

Shed off extra Pounds

Doctors and Fitness experts agree that shedding excess pounds helps boost testosterone levels significantly. According to a study discussed at the Annual 2012th Endocrine Society’s Meeting. Statistics prove that overweight men have lower testosterone levels than men who are of healthy weight.

To lose weight a man needs to strictly limit their consumption of processed sugar. Currently evidence is mounting that excess fructose is the primary cause. Ideally a man needs to maintain their sugar levels below 25 grams per day. This is especially important if you suffer from  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol It is best to avoid Refined carbohydrates completely because they breakdown to sugar. Instead opt for healthier choices such as vegetables and natural saturated fats. Cut down on the on sugar and grains and instead focus on eating more vegetables. Proteins and health fats are also important.


Studies have ascertained that Intermittent Fasting combined with High Intensity Exercises Such as Peak Fitness boost Testosterone substantially

Short intense exercise not only increase testosterone levels but actually prevents the decline of testosterone in the first place. This is unlike aerobics or moderate exercise prolonged. Intermittent fasting elates testosterone levels by substantially increasing the expression of key satiety hormones such as adiponectin, leptin, insulin and Glucagon like peptide-1. All these hormones are potential healthy testosterone actions that helps prevent natural decline of testosterone and also boost libido levels. Combining intermittent fasting and High Intensity Exercises will help your body natural maintain high testosterone level. They also help increase the levels by manipulating hormones help in naturally stimulating the body to produce more testosterone. Follow up your exercise regimen with a protein meal that further enhances satiety.

Employ Effective stress Reduction Strategies

According to 2004 HARVARD study, when you are under too much stress, your body begins overproducing Cortisol. This is the hormone works through blocking the effects of Testosterone so as to improve the fight of flight response. This is because your body deals with stress by increasing your response to situations that threaten your survival. When stressed your mind create a visual image of how you would love to feel, once your subconscious picks this up, it begins to assist you by stimulating the needed neurological and biochemical changes.

Increase Zinc Consumption

According to knowledgeable and experienced experts, Zinc is extremely important in testosterone production. Numerous reliable studies have shown that within just 6 weeks of supplementing your diet with Zinc, Testosterone levels naturally start rising. Dietary Zinc is especially effective, supplementation because it also helps men to reduce loss of testosterone that is exercise-induced. Foods rich in Zinc Include

Foods rich in Zinc include fish and meat. Additionally raw milk, yoghurt, raw cheese and kefir also help increase zinc levels in the body. If you are a vegetarian, it becomes much harder to obtain dietary Zinc; this is because modern pesticides and fertilisers substantially reduce Zinc absorption by plants. Another important fact most men don’t know is that the way we prepare cook our food can also reduce Zinc levels drastically. This makes Zinc Supplementation an absolute necessity.

Optimize the Consumption of vitamin D levels


Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that helps to develop the Nucleus of the sperm cell and also maintains semen count as well as semen quality. Additionally, vitamin D also stimulates natural testosterone levels by substantially boosting libido. Sadly, vitamin D deficiency is quickly rising in the United States and other regions around the world. This is largely because our busy lifestyles don’t permit just o spend enough time directly in contact with sunlight. If exposure to the sun is not a reality for you, The best alternatives are supplementation or safe tanning beds.


Your body needs to maintain a moderately high level of testosterone. By implementing these 5 natural strategies you will be boosting levels of Testosterone while also reducing its natural decline owing to age advancement.