6 Very Obvious Reasons to Quit Caffeine

It is no secret I have been a caffeine addict for years, now. Many years! I cannot even remember exactly when it started, but I do know that black coffee was what ignited the whole thing, and its black coffee that keeps my addiction intact today. I love coffee and I drink it all day long. Sometimes I only stop drinking more, because the jittery simply gets too crazy.

​In addition to coffee, I usually take a scoop of pre-workout before hitting the gym so that adds a good bunch of caffeine to the daily dosage I get. I never really spent time calculating exactly how much caffeine I get on a regular basis, but it’s definitely in the higher end of the range.

​Although there might be a few exceptions here and there, I think it’s fair to say that it’s been several years since I haven’t had a high amount of caffeine on a daily basis.

Sometimes I think about how it would be like to quit it, and it scares me a bit (spoken like a true addict, I know). There is no doubt that the first couple of days without caffeine would be a tough challenge, but after that, it might become a great thing.

​Right now, I don’t take caffeine to get me from normal to more energized. I drink it to get to the baseline. A lot of coffee brings me up to the normal level, and not the energized level. By quitting caffeine (at least, for a while) would help me reset the baseline back to normal, where caffeine actually would give me additional energy. But there are more reasons to quit caffeine than just the tolerance issue. Here are ten reasons why I (and maybe you) should consider to quite caffeine.

Lower Blood Pressure​

lower blood pressure without caffeine

​It is well-known (or, often believed) that caffeine elevates your blood pressure, which can cause a very wide range of adverse effects. Stop or lower your caffeine intake, and this has an immediate and positive impact on your blood pressure.

It should be noted that increase in blood pressure as a result of taking caffeine seems to be more apparent with people already having hypertension. You will often see the link between caffeine and increased blood pressure listed as a fact, while there, in fact, are mixed results from scientific studies.

​No Jittery

No jittery with no caffeine

This is surely a fact. If you don’t take any caffeine you wont get any caffeine jittery; simple as that. This happens quite often to me and I don’t mind it so much anymore but I know this is something a lot of people hate, so for a bunch of people, this will be one solid reason to drop the caffeine.

​No (less) Anxiety

Caffeine ANXIETY

There is supposedly also a link between anxiety and the amount of caffeine you consume. When consuming caffeine on a daily basis, it is easy to disregard this link.

I don’t have massive difficulties with anxiety, I would love to see the effect on this, by quitting caffeine. Maybe I don’t think it’s a big issue, but who knows how much better I might feel if I don’t get any caffeine (Certainly not me)?​

​Better Sleep

Better sleep with no caffeine

A high level of energy makes it difficult to fall asleep. Without the caffeine, your sleep will be improved. This is specially true for those of us who enjoy a late afternoon coffee, as the half-life of caffeine is just around 5 hours.

As mentioned above, I tend to take a scoop of pre-workout before hitting the gym, meaning I usually get a high dose of caffeine around 6 PM. This surely interferes with my sleep. Due to my tolerance and being accustomed to the high caffeine level, I don’t really notice it, but I imagine the effect (or lack of same) from not taking it, will be much more notable.

​Less Bathroom Visits

Less Bathroom Visits With No Caffeine

Consuming caffeinated beverages increase urination. Stop consuming them and you won’t need to go that often. 10 years ago, I didn’t give this any thought what so ever, but now I do – specially during the night.

Taking a PWO before going to the gym around 6 – 7 PM, and then continuing to drink a bottle of water when I’m at the gym, makes me get it up a night for a visit to the bathroom (which messes with my sleep). Needless to say I could do without this! This is a solid reason to quit the caffeine.

And Finally, Caffeine Will Work Again!

Caffeine will work again

By stopping with the caffeine, at least for a while, you will bring your tolorence level back to normal. You will be your normal you, without the caffeine, and a dose of caffeine will give you energy! I cannot even remember how this feels anymore. As mentioned above, today my daily dosage of caffeine simply bring me back to baseline. The issues with this is, that

1: If I don’t consume caffeine, I might be a bit grumpy.

2: If I need to elevate my energy level, caffeine won’t do much good.

If I quit for a while, I won’t be grumpy without the caffeine, and when I do take it, I will get some energy from it.

There are other reason to quit caffeine, but I think the above-listed ones are key points for me. They do however come at a heavy cost which is; I will have to do without caffeine. Since I haven’t been without it for years, I don’t know who this is going to feel, and it might not be as bad as I think. Maybe it’s just the psychological side of things that it the worst.

I think I would miss my cup of coffee in the morning the most. But the benefits from taking a couple of weeks of might prove to be a good idea. At this stage, I have decided I want to do this at some point this year, but I still don’t know when.

Have you tried to quite caffeine for a while? How was it? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please drop a comment below. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with the world. 

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