Increase Nitric Oxide Levels Without Supplements (in 6 Different Ways)

If you have been in the bodybuilding space for just a short period of time, chances are, you have stumbled upon the word Nitric Oxide (NO). Its loved by bodybuilders and for a good reason. Its probably best know for it’s ability to give the user a feeling known as “the pump” – the street name for hyperemia which is an increase of blood flow to different tissues in the body. 

In addition to this, increased NO levels can improve the effectiveness of your workouts. NO will dilute your veins, and because of this, allows your muscles to receive more oxygen and nutrients. So you get the Pump, better workout sessions, but there is also proof that it speeds up recovery, has cognitive improving features, the ability to up your sex drive, and more.

As you can tell, there is enough stuff here, to write about Nitric Oxide for days, but in today’s post, this isn’t the focus. The focus is on how you can boost your NO levels, in a safe and natural manner. We all know that one of the main reasons lots and lots of bodybuilders take pre-workout supplements is in order to boost NO levels. I do the same. That cool, if you are ready to take that route. But pre-workout supplements isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to take the natural route; and this is the focus of this post. There are a ton of nitric oxide supplements on the market and lots of varying nitric oxide supplement reviews – but some people will claim the best nitric oxide supplement is a natural one. So let’s take a look at some of the best natural nitric oxide boosting foods (and finally, a step you personally can take to increase NO levels naturally, as well). If you prefer to find a nitric oxide boosting supplement that fits your needs, I have posted a comprehensive article on the best pre-workout

How can you boost your NO levels naturally.

Let’s get straight to it. Below is a list of different foods that will boost your nitric oxide levels in a naturally and safe manner. 


beets increase nitric oxide

Beets are known for a wide range of different health benefits. First of all, beets are rich in nutrients and fiber. Beets has also been shown to have anti-cancer properties, helps to fight inflammation, boost your stamina, and lower your blood pressure. This is all good, but what truly make beets interesting in this perspective, is that it contains a high level of nitrates. Nitrates are converted to nitrites which is then converted to nitric oxide; and this is exactly what will help us get the perfect session in the gym. Good stuff! 

Hawthorn extracts

Hawthorn extracts increase nitric oxide

Hawthorn extracts have been shown to enhance release of nitric oxide. Basically, hawthorn has been used as a way to lower blood pressure for a long time, and the mechanism of this feature is actually what we are looking for, too. Hawthorn berries are rich in nitrate reductase which is key in the conversion process of nitrates into nitrix oxide. A natural pre-workout with a lot of health benefits. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate increase nitric oxide

Not only is it one of the most delicious things in life, but its also a proven nitric oxide booster. Keep in mind that milk chocolate won’t do any good on your NO levels. It has to be dark as it is the flavanols in dark chocolate that stimulate the endothelium to produce Nitric Oxide. Oh, and I guess its needless to say that dark chocolate comes with a wide range of other benefits as well. Of all the nitric oxide boosters out there, this is definately my personal favorite! 


celery increase nitric oxide

This isn’t really my favorite type of salad, but in order to boost your nitric oxide levels naturally, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Celery is one type of salad that has a very high level of nitrates, which will boost your NO levels.


lettuce increase nitric oxide

Just like Celery, lettuce will promote your nitric oxide levels, simply because it’s high in nitrates. Now go make lettuce a part of your daily natural pre workout. Now I know this, and the other salad sorts aren’t exactly the most convenient nor exciting food to eat as natural pre-workouts, but they are solid alternatives and making sure to get some with your daily meal wont do any harm! 

Exercise More

exercise more to boost nitric oxide

Turns out that exercising also is a natural way to boost NO levels. There is a long and detailed post on this topic right here. This is the perfection motivation booster – Hit the gym more often, and you will be more likely to experience the pump. Now there is another good reason to get going! 

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