Before and After picture in Fitness Magazines shot same day

Sore after leg day? Well, don’t let that stop you from reading this article. Get your legs up, sit back and enjoy.

Everybody’s seen them. You’ll be watching an infomercial for some ab toning machine and a before and after picture will appear on the screen, showing some schlubby guy developing massive throbbing muscles over the course of a few short weeks. You think the makers of that infomercial bothered to take a picture of a guy, then follow up with him a few months later? No way. These kinds of infomercials and advertisements are shot on the cheap, and this kind of effort is not to be expected from them. Here’s how it really happens.

While some people do some amazing things with Photoshop, the program has also made its mark on the advertising industry in a seriously negative way. You simply cannot see a magazine ad anymore without the man or woman in it being photoshopped out of existence, every flaw whisked away with a bit of Adobe magic. These before and after pictures are exactly the same. You’ll see a guy standing there with his gut hanging out, and you can guarantee that this picture has been warped and manipulated to make him look as bad as possible. Most likely, the brightness and contrast will be changed to make them look paler, the belly will be made larger, spots and imperfections will be exaggerated. Meanwhile, in the after photo, muscles will be enhanced, imperfections will be ironed out, and the color, brightness and contrast settings will be adjusted to make them look as tan and healthy as possible. Don’t fall for this computer trickery when deciding to invest in a certain supplement or workout device.

Oil, Lights and a Quick Workout Session
Oil is often slathered all over the person for the “after” picture to exaggerate their muscles – when combined with special lighting, this can have a dramatic effect. Another technique to make people look ripped is to get them to work out. It’s a common trick in cinema, used by actors like[image_right src=”×300.jpg”] Chris Evans and Brad Pitt, to quickly do some pushups and sit-ups before a big shirtless scene, because it makes your muscles temporarily look bigger. If you’ve ever wondered how the Hollywood stars achieve that ridiculously ripped look, that’s how. And, if you’ve ever wondered why they look so different on the big screen than they do in beach candids, well, that’s lighting for you.

Sucking in Their Gut
It seems almost ridiculous, but it’s really true. In the before picture, the model will be encouraged to push out their gut and stand in an unflattering pose, trying to look as generally poor as possible, but in the after picture, they will suck it in, presenting a body that looks good taken out of context, but frankly is unattainable for the vast majority of us. This is a real strategy that is constantly used by the people who make these ridiculous advertisements.

Don’t trust a before and after picture. If you’re going to make your decisions based on any pictures, let them be of yourself. If you push yourself hard enough, looking at an old photograph of yourself will be like looking at a stranger. You don’t need supplements or weird ab machines to look great. Lift weights, go running, ride your bike from one place to another instead of driving your car, regularly participate in a sport, and eat healthily. That’s the real way to look great – don’t accept any substitutes.

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