Find Out Why Women Think Abs are so Attractive

The concept of existence has always relied on procreation, which means that every species has to find a way to attract a member of the opposite sex. This does include human beings. Of course, every species has their own way of making themselves attractive, like how the firefly lights up to attract a mate. Men do not light up, but what they do have is areas on their body that women find attractive like the abs. You might be pondering, “Why do girls like abs?” Well, there are a few reasons.

The Torso is a Product of Conditioning

One study reveals that women like a ripped torso on their ideal man, but the question “why do girls like abs?” still remains. There are a number of theories that might explain this particular attraction. Most women say that a ripped torso looks sexually attractive. Many could associate this particular attraction to conditioning. Surely, you are aware of the fit men that are plastered on television or magazines. The media wants women to believe that the perfect man must look a certain way.

The Healthy Mate is Highlighted

Another reason why women might find the torso especially attractive could be because it implies that the man is flexible, healthy, and agile. These characteristics tell a woman’s subconsciousness that he is fit to be her mate. It informs the woman’s brain that this particular man might be able to procreate and protect her. This does not mean that a woman is looking for a man with an extremely fit torso. Most women seem to be interested in a moderately ripped torso. This means that you do not have to be a weightlifting champion to attract a woman, which is an easier goal to meet.

Of course, women are interested in a man who is fit in other ways as well, but make sure that you do not overdo any section. The key is to be fit but proportionately fit as well.

The Torso Teases

Some women seem to find the torso area particular exciting because of what it teases. The torso sits right above that very special male area. It teases the woman’s imagination just enough to make a ripped torso exciting. Think of the torso like the landing strip at an airport that leads to the final destination. Of course, these are not things that all women notice naturally. Most of the time women are simply just attracted to this particular male body part without really paying much attention to the attraction.

A Safe Place

There are a few women who see the entire torso and the arms as the area where protection stems from. A woman might imagine the torso and arms as a place where she can cuddle and feel safe. This could be yet another reason why the torso is perceived in a positive light by women.

Of course, attracting a woman is not the only reason why a man should be fit. A lot more is on the line like your self-esteem and your overall health, but it does not hurt to know that some women are going to appreciate. Now for all the women out there, this is a two-way street so you should start hitting the gym as well – and here are a couple of fitness tips to get you going in the right direction.