A look at three main ingredients that will help boost Testosterone Levels significantly

Did you know that Testosterone is the hormone that is associated with manly features such as strength gains, muscle mass and sex drive. There are plenety of pills in the market that promise to boost the body capability to naturally produce testostreone.What most people still ask is whether this pills really work.

Before we lok at this 3 potent ingredients thst improe natural testosterone production let us first and foremost understand what testosterone boosters do?

There are many things that get better with age such as cheese, jeans and whisky just to name a few. Sadly the one thing that gets worse with age is how our bodies work. As we age changes in muscle mass and stregth start occuring. Your muscle mass and strength begions declining when you hit the third decade.  Testosterone boosters are a type of herba supplement that is specifically aimed at boosting testosterone leels. The supplements work by directly elavating Tesstoterone or through hormone suipport.

Let now look at these 3 effectie ingredients in boosting testosterone levels…

You are probably aware that there are a wide range of ingredients when it comes to boosting natural testosterone production. Here are the 3 ingredients that make a huge difference in Testsotsreone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)

This is an amino nacid that occurs natuarllt and is found abundantly in the testicular leydig cells, This natural mino acid acts as a amessanger netween the bran and the leydig eclls which are resposnsible for converting cholestral in the body into testosterone.

A study indetail found that the esubjects who consume around 3 grams of D-AA consistently for 12 days obered more than a 42% increase in the leels of testosterone. At the e nd of the study the researchers asertained that at the end of the study the estosterone leels in the placebo group were close to 40% les than in the mwn who were consistentkly taking Testosterone.


Don’t let the name mislead you because there is nothing greek about this ingredient. Infact is abundant in India. Trdaitionally Fenugreek is used by Indians in the preparation of patses and curru powders/. Additionaly, studies are now trying to etsblish whether Fenugreek has any Anasbolic properties.

The Unieristy of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texa conducted a study to determine the effects of fenugrek supplementation on bodu composition, resistance and strength. In a nutshell, this study proed that fenugreek combined with exercise helps increase sterngth, buildy lean muscle and increased resistance both in the short term and lon-term.


This is not just a single ingredient on it is won. It is actually a compound made up of three main constituents namely; vitamin B-6, zinc monomethionine aspartate and magnesium aspartate. Most often this ingredient is used as a recovery aid that helps your body achieve higher levels of RMA sleep. Additionally, ZMA also claims to help increase strength and also has hormonal properties.

A 2006 Placebo study involving 27 Division II players who either received ZMA supplement or saline for 7 weeks proved that ZMA helps boost levels of testosterone substantially. At the end of the 7 weeks, players taking ZMA supplement experienced a 30% increase in Testosterone, while the placebo group registered a 10% increase the testosterone levels.


It is important to keep in mind that test boosters will only increase muscle size and strength if they are accompanied by a well-thought out work regimen. The appropriate training program is indispensable. Including this 3 ingredient into your workout regimen increases the chances of having higher testosterone levels.