Main signs of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is men mainly produced by men in the testicles. It substantially affects a man’s sexual development and appearance. Testosterone helps to stimulate the production of sperms and also boost a man’s sex drive. Additionally this important masculine hormone also helps build lean muscle and increases bone mass.


Men experience a myriad of symptoms when their testosterone levels reduce more than they should. A doctor will diagnose a man with Low T if the levels fall below 300 nano-grams per decilitre. 300-1000 nano-grams per decilitre is considered normal by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration. To ascertain low testosterone levels, a doctor will conduct a serum testosterone test. When T levels drop drastically below 300 nano-grams per decilitre, a range of symptoms will occur.

Symptoms of low Testosterone levels include:

Decreased sex drive

This important hormone plays an essential role in boosting male libido. Numerous reliable studies have proved that a considerable percentage of men experience decline in libido as they age. However, if a man also has low testosterone levels their sexual drive with decline severely and achieving an erection will be an uphill task.

Difficulty attaining and maintaining an erection

Testosterone helps boost a man’s sex drive and endurance by helping attain and maintain an erection. It is important to keep in mind that T alone does not cause an erection. What it does is stimulate the brain receptors to produce more Nitric Oxide. Keep in mind that Nitric Oxide is an essential molecule that will help trigger chemical reactions that make an erection possible.

Low volume of semen

Testosterone aids substantially in the production of semen-the milk-like fluid that helps ensure sperm motility. Men who have low testosterone will notice a significant reduction in the olume of semen each time they ejaculate.

Extreme fatigue

Men who have low testosterone will experience extreme weakness and fatigue because of reduced energy levels. If you eat well and sleep sufficiently and have no other pre-existing health conditions abnormal fatigue might be an indication of low testosterone.

Loss of muscle mass and more body fat

Since testosterone plays an important role in helping build muscle mass, with low testosterone levels will experience a significant reduction in muscle mass. Numerous reliable studies have ascertained that testosterone is closely linked to muscle mass but not necessarily to muscle function and muscle strength. Additionally when testosterone levels decrease drastically men may experience increased body fat especially breast tissue.

Mood swings

Men suffering from low testosterone will experience rampant abnormal mood swings. A recent Harvard study showed that testosterone has a huge influence on mental capacity and moods. This study showed that men with low testosterone levels are more likely to face mental issues such as stress, depression, inability to concentrate and irritability.