Patent Pending Is A Marketing Gimmick In The Nutrition Industry

Patent pending supplements are very eye catching to the average consumer, which is why so many nutrition companies use this gimmick. The truth is that it’s very simple and inexpensive to file a provisional patent application. A provisional patent application typically costs large companies only around $200, and is a much easier process to go through than to file for a regular patent. Because of this many companies use patent pending as a way to catch someone’s eye. When a nutrition product says patent pending on it along with words like “fat loss ingredient” or “muscle builder” people tend to notice. What makes this gimmick so popular among nutrition companies is that the day you file a provisional patent application you can legally state on your packaging that your product is patent pending.

So what exactly makes the term patent pending such a strong marketing tool? When most people see the term patent pending, they immediately think that they are looking at something new and exciting. It makes you think that you are looking at a product that is innovative and unique. Many people also think that the product they are looking at is of great value as well since it is in the process of being patented. The truth is that the vast majority of nutrition based products that are labelled patent-pending are hardly innovative or new. If you want to test this for yourself then take the time to read the packaging. Read about how the product works, and what the active ingredients are. Since most of us now have smart phones, you can even do a quick internet search about what you are reading to find out if it has been done before. Chances are that the product you are holding, that says patent pending on it, is virtually identical to most other products like it. While there may be slight changes in the amounts of [image_right src=”×203.jpg”]ingredients, they are for the most part all pretty much the same. However to the eye of the unassuming consumer the words patent pending are intended to deceive and confuse them into making a purchase that probably won’t do much for their fitness goals. In fact, if a product says patent is pending on it, there’s a good chance it is going to be more expensive than a similar product that has been out for some time.

If you want to get into shape then you are going to have to diet and exercise. This is the basis for getting the body that you want. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid using supplements, in fact, there are many supplements out there that can really help you out. But you need to be smart about what you spend your money on. Don’t allow nutrition companies to take advantage of you by using the words patent pending to get you to make an unwise purchase. Instead do your homework and take the time to learn and read about each product you are considering buying. Then you can make an informed decision.

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