You Cannot “Tone” muscles and Here’s Why

When people exercise, they will do so for many different reasons. Some people will want to lose weight while others want to build muscles. The reason you are exercising will determine the type of exercise most suitable. Many people, especially young women are interested in toning muscles; or so they think.

What do People mean by “Toning Muscles”

When most people talk about toning muscles, what they are referring to is the process of firming existing muscles without bulking up and becoming too big. Many women want to firm wobbly parts of their body by doing various toning exercise. The standard method of toning muscles is by lifting small weights for many repetitions. This will do nothing to achieve a toned look, and it won’t help to build muscles either. If anything, the only thing that you will accomplish by lifting small weights for many repetitions is to improve your stamina.

How to Look Toned

When people talk about toning muscles by lifting light weights, they don’t know what they are talking about as this won’t work. It won’t help them to firm up and will do very little to help their aims. What they mean by looking toned is accomplished by losing body fat and looking lean without too much muscles mass. The best way to do this is to lose weight and build muscles.

What you can do:

Drop weight
build muscles

Losing Weight to get a Toned look

Body fat will cover all of your muscles. By reducing body fat it will be possible to reveal your muscles. This will make your body firmer and less prone to embarrassing wobbles. Lifting small weights will do very little (if anything) to help you lose any body fat.

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The most popular way to lose body fat naturally (although not necessarily the best) is to use cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that raise your heart rate and cause you to sweat. Such exercises are beneficial as they cause your body to burn more fat, through increased metabolism.

In addition to exercises, diet is important to control your weight and body fat. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise if your diet makes you go into calorie surplus. In order to drop weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit.

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Building Muscles for a Toned look

Although you don’t want to look too muscular, you should still hit the weights to get things going. If your diet is right, you will be in calorie deficit most times. Lifting weights will help you achieve this goal, as weight training keeps your metabolism at a higher than normal level for an extended period after a finished weight lifting session. Should you go into a calorie surplus ever now and then, then the calorie surplus will partially be good for muscle building if your diet contains a certain amount of proteins. This will help to create a firmer look. because of this, make sure to targets the muscles you are most interested in toning.

If its not possible to Tone Muscles How can I Get a Toned Look?

Although toning muscles is a myth, it is certainly possible to get a toned look in very little time. You should be combining both cardio exercises with muscular exercise and diet. Once you have all of these things under control it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your body look toned.

So, although it’s impossible to tone muscles with small weights, it is possible to give your body a toned look relatively easily. Simply choose exercises that work the muscles, and also help to reduce body fat so that your new slim figure will shine

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