How to Use Nootropics as a Pre-Workout Stack

Nootropics have been found to have an interesting array of potential benefits, and this has made them a popular choice for people who wish to boost the duration and intensity of their workouts. As an added bonus, there is a lot of scientific evidence that links multiple nootropics to increased cognitive functionality and a reduction in the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Due to this, it makes sense that physically active people of all types, including runners and weightlifters, have started adding nootropics to their pre-workout routine.

What Are Nootropics?

For the uninitiated, nootropics are normally sold in a capsule or powder format. These supplements range from naturally occurring substances to synthesized versions that have been created in a lab. Their primary function is to offer a boost in some type of cognitive function such as memory retention or the ability to concentrate. To put this into perspective, caffeine is considered to be a natural nootropic.

What is Stacking?

Even those who are familiar with nootropics such as Piracetam might not be aware of the potential added benefits of stacking. In a nutshell, two or more nootropics are stacked together with the intention of receiving better overall results. A good example of this can be found with caffeine pills and L-Theanine. This combination is often referred to as the perfect beginner’s stack, and it is believed that these supplements are synergistic. In other words, the best properties of each nootropic are increased when these two components are put together. Scientific research has helped back anecdotal user reviews about this stack, so we know that mixing these nootropics together can enhance cognitive functionality.

Building the Right Stack

In order to build a pre-workout stack, you have to be keenly aware of exactly what you are looking for. If you need to improve your physical coordination, you may wish to turn to Oxiracetam because it has been found to help people with their space cognition. However, members of the racetam family are known to decrease the brain’s levels of acetylcholine, so you would stack Oxiracetam with a choline supplement.

Citicoline and Alpha GPC are both viable choline options, but they also each have their own specific properties to choose from. Citicoline is a popular choice because it is a basic source of choline. On the other hand, Alpha GPC offers some potential protective benefits that could reduce muscle strain. Additionally, Alpha GPC is believed to stimulate the production of human growth hormones in the human body, and this can lead to the development of leaner body mass.

Some people choose to substitute Aniracetam for Oxiracetam, and they stack it with Alpha GPC, caffeine and L-Theanine. Yet another popular pre-workout stack includes Alpha GPC, Aniracetam, Sulbutiamine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. As you can see, one of the things that remain constant is the presence of a choline supplement and one member of the racetam family.

Suggested Stacking Dosages

In order to get the anticipated results, you will need to start with low doses and tweak the amount of each supplement that you take until you get what you are looking for. To help give you a guideline, here is the most popular amount for each of the nootropics in the previously mentioned stack:
• Alpha GPC – 300-600mg, taken 90-120 minutes before each workout.
• Aniracetam – 1-1.5g, taken at the same time as the Alpha GPC.
• Sulbutiamine – 300mg. This nootropic should be taken 60 minutes before you work out, and you need to take it with food.
• Beta Alanine – 800mg – 1g, taken two to three times throughout the day. Take one dose 60 minutes before working out.
• Citrulline Malate – 6-8g, taken one hour before your daily workout.

Each person’s results may vary, but it is likely that you will be able to concentrate better on each workout by adding a nootropic stack to your routine. If you want to take a smaller number of supplements, you may get positive results from stacking 800mg of Oxiracetam with 250mg of Citicoline.

Overall, nootropics have the potential to be a good addition to everyone’s daily routine, regardless of whether or not they will be working out. After all, everyone could benefit from a cognitive boost. Adding the possibility of a more effective workout into the mix makes a nootropic stack an even more enticing option.

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