Is Syntha 6 the Best Protein Powder out There?

There is a new version of this awesome protein on the market. It’s called Syntha 6 Edge. Read more about it here: Syntha 6

Syntha 6 is a protein powder from BSN that was introduced years ago, the renowned sports supplements manufacturer that works by releasing proteins slowly into the system. Like its name suggests, it contains 6 types of blended proteins which has got the sports world talking due to its efficiency. It breaks away from the mold by mixing the usual ingredients of isolate and whey protein with other proteins that delay the digestion process.

I have recently tested Syntha 6 from BSN and I love it. The sugar level is a ta bit high, but the taste is awesome, which is why I included it in the post: Best tasting protein powder. On another note, BSN recently released a new version named Syntha 6 Edge, which you can read more about here.


If looking for leaner muscles, then this is the protein powder for you as BSN has labeled it as the “ultra-premium Lean Muscle Protein Powder”. It also supports the growth of muscles and also promotes faster recovery after an intense workout. Aside from supporting the user’s nutrition, it is also claimed to improve the way muscles synthesize proteins.

Supplement facts

The product is a blend of 6 different proteins which are the main ingredients with the rest being natural flavors and digestive enzymes. 1 scoop of Syntha 6 which can be taken during the day or night by mixing with liquids is enough to give you 22g of proteins, 2g sugar, 170g potassium and 10g essential amino acids. It also contains 15g carbohydrates, 5g fiber and 6g of fat. The cholesterol level is 55mg and the calories to be gained are 200 and 50 from fat which most people find to be on the higher side. The ingredients include:-

· Whey protein isolate.

· Whey proteins concentrate.

· Milk protein isolate.

· Micellar casein

· Calcium caseinate.

· Glutamine peptides.

· Egg albumin.

Calcium caseinate is a protein made from casein which comes from skimmed milk. It is believed to be the best for producing a good amount of amino acids in the body as casein proteins break down slowly when compared to the more common whey protein. This is important as it slows down muscle breakdown improving the workout process. It also produces a feeling of fullness and satiety. Micellar casein also works the same way as calcium caseinate further promoting the growth of lean and strong muscles making this protein stand out further.

Flavor, jar sizes and price per serving

Syntha 6 is rated among the best tasting proteins blend in the market and with good reason. It comes in many flavors that include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon bun, mochachino etc. which are popular with many people.

It comes in 2 jar sizes i.e. 2.91 lb. which has 28 servings and goes for around $33 and a bigger jar of 5 lb. with a whopping 48 servings that is around $50. The price varies with vendors thus; a little research is called for to get the best price.


According to reviews on, Syntha 6 has an overall rating of 9.2/10 which includes its performance, taste, and price. has a rating of 8.1/10 for the product which are all reviews given by people who have sampled the products and made comparisons with similar products from competing sports supplements and nutrition brands.


According to user reviews on the above sites, people who have used the products clearly have a good experience with the supplement. The only dampers highlighted are the price which they find to be a little higher, a bloated tummy and the fact that BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) that is part of the ingredients aren’t listed. The fat in the product is also on the higher side but with a little moderation, it is manageable. Taking all these factors into consideration makes this product worth a try for bodybuilders and anyone looking for a tasty protein powder to replenish their muscles.

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