LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) Review

Have you been on the right diet and training regimen but seem to have plateaued when it comes to your capacity to perform? Has your journey to your physique goals been frustratingly grinding to a painful halt? Your work ethic is unquestionable, and your mindset is a bar above the rest, but you’re told your genes could be holding back.

You may need to try one of the best SARMs out there today. It isn’t a steroid, and it’s legal to use. I have used it and have interviewed hundreds of others who have used it as well. And we all conclude this compound broke our limits and took us to a whole new realm of physical, psychological, and mental bliss. 

And you know the best part of it all?

It did so safely with cholesterol rising, liver degrading, heart problems, and brain damage. It’s called Ligandrol, and I’ll be taking my time to educate you on these compounds, how it works, its benefits and shortcomings, and extra tips to help you decide intelligently if this is for you or not.

What Is LGD4033 (Ligandrol)?

Created by a pharmaceutical company known as Ligand Pharma, LGD 4033 is part of a group of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). The compound was first used in treating medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and spinal muscular atrophy. The main aim of treatment is to help preserve and strengthen the muscles for patients struggling with muscle wasting diseases. 

Due to its widespread use in medical settings, there is a boatload of scientific reports on the compound Ligandrol. These researches have all concluded that the compound is very potent. That has led to the athletic and bodybuilding community using them to enhance performance. The manufacturer is quick to point out that unlike many fitness supplements you will find on the market today, Ligandrol is 100% safe. And as we will see later, it does not come with any adverse side effects like most similar products.

LGD 4033 Results and Benefits: What to Expect

 So what does one expect when taking Ligandrol?

Increase in muscle and overall strength. This is why it is regarded as a very potent performance enhancer. We’ll be taking a deeper dive into the results you’ll expect when taking this substance and other extra advantages that come with it.

Increased Development of Lean Muscle Mass

This, by far, is the main reason why people get on LGD 4033. It has been touted as one of the best SARMs for stacking extra-lean meat to your frame. Once it’s ingested, it goes straight for androgen receptors in the bones and muscles. Many scientific studies have shown that this compound is so effective that one could still quickly pack extra lean muscle at low dosages. This feature in Ligandrol has brought it much recognition in the bodybuilding industry. Many even compare it to RAD140. 

Personally, I have been into different types of SARMs for quite some time now. Many of them do give results you can be proud of, but I experienced something different from Ligandrol. Not only did I add hard lean muscle, but I also did it at record speed! This is really a compound to use when you’re consuming more calories and trying to increase size. Of course, the key here is to use it responsibly and in the right way. Adding an extra 10 to 15Ibs of lean muscle can be achieved when taking this compound. 

Harder and bigger Muscles

Many who have been on this compound have all talked about getting bigger and harder muscles. These lead to less susceptibility to injuries, increase your capacity to do intense exercises for longer periods of time, build self-confidence, and make you look good.

Massive Strength Gains

Users of Ligandrol tend to see a significant increase in strength 2 weeks into the cycle. These strength gains only grow from then on. This results in the increased ability to stack more weights when it’s time to pump iron. Your workouts are more intense and last longer. More muscle fibers get micro-tears and in the process of healing, increase in size. 

Enhanced Recovery from Workouts

This is another factor that affects the intensity and length of your workouts. Many have said that without it, there was no way they would have recovered quickly enough to continue their intensive gym routines. This comes down to the fact that you’ll be able to do more because your muscles are well rested and have recovered from previous training routines. This is why sleep is harped upon in the bodybuilding community. To get maximum results with Ligandrol, you need to increase the length and intensity of your workouts consistently over a period of time. That’s only possible when you have adequate rest every single day.

Maintained Muscle Mass

Apart from increasing strength, speeding up recovery and building muscle mass, it helps you maintain your muscles when you’re on a caloric deficit. It works just as well as other muscle retaining SARMs like Ostarine. When you are cutting, you can rest assured that you’ll not lose your muscles and size. In fact, they’ll be full, strong, and vascular.

Although it has very good muscle retaining qualities, most people use it to build more lean muscle mass. Not only does it increase strength, muscle vitality, and growth, it helps in improving the physical appearance of one’s body. It’s also good for getting a healthy mental state. The benefits of this go beyond feeling good and includes better relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances. All of which leads to more opportunities for a better and healthier life in general.

Since Ligandrol is a SARM, it is inherently safer than using steroids, which can cause all sorts of bodily harm to users. Some of these steroid-induced diseases include the collapse of the endocrine system, cardiovascular disease, damage to the brain, liver problems, and more. You know, many people end up dead because of steroid use. But that’s not the case with SARMs like Ligandrol. It doesn’t go for your hormones but goes directly to the bones and muscles and help them become bigger and denser.

How to Take LGD4033: Dosage Information

This is a very potent SARM. Little quantities of this compound can give significant results. Its ability to work wonders for your body isn’t a worry. What is a worry is your use of the substance. But don’t get scared about dangerous dosages. Shortly I’ll be giving you a step by step guide on how to use LGD4033 responsibly. Scientific studies have shown that dosages of LGD 4033 give significant results, starting from 1mg per day. But from personal experience and rigorous interviews of fellow users, I have found out that one can use between 5 to 10mg per day 

Now, you might see some go above this range, but I advise you not to. This is because Ligandrol is a SARM and, therefore, can suppress the production of testosterone in your body. The more you take, the more your hormones are suppressed. That’s more time spent in PCT. Ligandrol is taken once a day as it has a half-life of about 27 hours. Dosing once a day is enough to maintain the level of hormones in the body. For me, I went with a dose of 5mg per day when I first started using the substance. I still got very visible results at that dosage, and so I think it’s a good dosage because it’s potent still

After that, I started to steadily increase my dosage until I capped at 10mg per day. There was much progress in my muscle size and strength that I didn’t need to go any further. When it comes to stacking, a lot of users add Andarine or Testolone. They do this to increase further the rate at which they add more lean mass to their frame. The downside to all this is that the side effects pile up. That tends to take focus away from work at hand, which is to get to the gym and lift heavy things. 

You’ll find that many users also stack this compound with other SARMs such as Testolone or Andarine. The opinions on stacking SARMs are mixed. It’s very effective for gaining size, but you might experience more side effects. Some of SARM benefits include digestive issues, blurred vision, headaches, mood swings, and some hormonal upsets. 

LGD 4033 Cycle

When you’re on a Ligandrol cycle, you should expect to get off anytime between weeks 6 to 10. For those who are green to this substance, stick to 6 or 8 weeks. Also, do it at a small dosage. Now for those who have been on it for a while, don’t go below six weeks. You won’t get that much out of the substance probably because it takes quite a bit of time to start showing significant results. So by the time, it does kick in, you just have 4 weeks for actual work. 

Another thing to watch for while in this cycle is your muscle gains. Yes, you could lose them if you haven’t gotten on a SARMs PCT after the Ligandrol cycle. You can’t have weeks and weeks off intense work and hard-fought results, thrown out the window like that because of your own negligence. You can get Alpha AF. It’s great to do this for 30 days to let your testosterone levels get back to normal.

Any Ligandrol Side Effects? 

Just as I said in the benefits section of this substance Ligandrol, you don’t have to worry about life-threatening effects. This is because Ligandrol, like all SARMs don’t affect other parts of the user’s body except the bones and muscles. 

So the side effects are mild and can even be nonexistent, provided the user is taking responsible dosages. The mild side effects include headaches, body aches, digestive issues, and mood swings. But the stand out one is the possible suppression of testosterone. Just keep it in mind that a SARM PCT will help get your testosterone levels back to normal. If you don’t treat the low testosterone levels, you might experience the side effects of low testosterone levels, and they include low energy, irritability, poor sleeping patterns, low sex drive, and even general ambition.

This is why I am all for a PCT. Also, stay within the reasonable dosage range of 5 to 10mg per day. This is what I have always done while taking this substance, and it has paid off greatly. I get all the benefits Lingandrol has to offer without any side-effects. The lack of side-effects has further increased my gym activity, discipline, and overall happiness, and it becomes a positive loop that feeds itself. So by staying within boundaries, I have broken boundaries in my physical performance and looks. 

LGD4033 for Sale: Where to Buy

Now to where one can get Ligandrol. You see, many vendors who claim to have the real deal actually don’t. You’ll have to go through a ton of baloney to get the right substance. You have to avoid ingesting something that isn’t tested. You might cause damage to your body because, at this point, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. But don’t worry. Thanks to my experience, you don’t have to do that. I have bought from multiple buyers multiple times, and Sarms4You always come up tops. 

These guys are really obsessed with providing their customers with the best performance-enhancing substances and compounds. They involve third party testers to verify the validity of the products they sell so you don’t have to worry if you’re buying the ‘real deal.’ They’re my go-to vendors for anything performance-enhancing products.

So now you have an idea of what this compound Ligandrol is and how it works, you can now decide if this is for you or not. Just in case you end up using it, taking responsible dosages will go a long way in maximizing the benefits the compound has to offer.