5 physical signs of High Testosterone in men

Does a man look a certain way when they have too much Testosterone? How can I know that my levels of Testosterone are too high? These are questions men some men grapple with on daily basis. The truth is that generally speaking; almost all emotional and physical signs affiliated with masculinity are heightened and get much stronger when a man’s T levels are extremely high. For a more detailed answer here is a look at the 5 main physical indications of high cholesterol levels in men.

Excessive growth of Body and Facial Hair

Have you ever wondered why men grow beards and women don’t, Simple! It’s because men have higher levels of DHT. In more detail, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a potent from of testosterone is made when an enzyme known as 5α-reductase stimulates the conversion of testosterone into DHT (when it is form of dihydrotestosterone)) testosterone is stronger and more potent. While women may have testosterone, they don’t have DHT (the active from of testosterone) and this is why a beard is present in men and not in women. When levels of DHT are too high you have too much body hair all over your body especially on the face.

Strong and defined Jaw line

This is another symptom of high testosterone. Testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) have closely been linked to bone growth and increased bone density. This is especially noticeable in the jawbone where high levels of testosterone not only widen the jaw line but also create sharp edges on the jaw. Women have a lower level of testosterone and this is why women have a smoother and narrower jaw line as compared to men.

If you need real life examples just take a look as before and after images of NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB players. Before they join the big league they have the normal manly jaw line but after the width and edges are exaggerated. This is because to survive and thrive in competitive top dollar professional sport, most athletes have to take testosterone supplements and growth hormones rich in testosterone.

Dip rich voice and a big Adam’s apple

If a man has high levels of testosterone when they are in puberty, all the muscles necessary for sound production such as the cartilage and larynx will cause the Adam’s apple to grown substantially bigger in both strength and size. A protruded Adam’s apple coupled with a deep voice is one of the obvious physical signs of high testosterone. Experts theorise that even when you are past puberty testosterone will still make a huge difference in deepness of a man’s voice and in the size of their Adam’s apple.

Wide Shoulders

As mentioned earlier, testosterone has an effect pm both bone growth and maturation. It therefore makes sense that it affects the shoulder griddle a well. The reason that the shoulder griddle is affected is because shoulder bones and muscles are very dense in androgen receptors. When testosterone levels are higher, testosterone will attach to the androgen receptors and this will stimulate protein synthesis inside the muscle. On the other hand, when testosterone attaches to receptors inside the bones, they become stronger, denser and much wider.

Male Pattern Baldness

Another main physical sign of high testosterone is hair loss. This happens in some men not all. It is important to note that some men are predisposed to male pattern baldness. The reason hair loss happens is because DHT (potent form of testosterone) is linked to the hair loss- it binds with the hair follicles on a user’s scalp causing the hair to fall off. Essentially, with high testosterone leels you are predisposed to hair loss prematurely.


The 5 mentioned here are the most common signs of high levels of testosterone. If you have all of these and still have sexual problems then perhaps you need to see a doctor to ascertain the root of the issue.