MTS Drop Factor Reviewed

Drop Factor is one of many weight loss product from MTS Nutrition. MTS Nutrition is not a new brand name in this industry. It is popular for its protein supplements like Machine Whey, Machine Militia and Machine Fuel. Crop Factor is relatively new in the market.


MTS Nutrition claims that this is the supplement that this is the X factor weight loss supplement. Additionally, they also say that the supplement uses a maximum allowed dose for each one of the ingredients – with the exception of Yohimbe HCL. Drop Factor supplement is a fat burner that combines a unique blend of stimulants and other plant extracts to promote fat loss, increased metabolism and overall good health of the user.

Supplement Facts
There is a very unique blend used by MTS Nutrition to formulate Drop Factor. This is the use of 2 different sources of the stimulant caffeine. One is the straight ingredient, and then there is caffeine from cocoa extract. Another interesting blend is the SyneLEAN™ – this contains Methylsynephrine and Synephrine.

Ingredients List
– 2.5 mg of Yohimbe HCL

– 500 mg of cocoa extract

– 250 mg of caffeine

– 150 mg of cayenne pepper

– 125 mg of coleus forskohlii

– 45 mg of SyneLEAN™ Blend

– 5 mg of vinpocetine

– 5 mg of black pepper fruit extract

Caffeine is a very popular ingredient used in the manufacture of weight loss supplements and other dietary supplements too. Caffeine is a stimulant whose effects range from reduced body fatigue to mobilization of fatty acids. This helps in the burning of stubborn body fat.

The Cocoa extract is a common ingredient used in the making of weight loss supplements. Due to its vasodilatation properties, cocoa is said to bring more pump. The cocoa extract is here as an ingredient to helps curb appetite urges.

Coleus Forskohlii is probably the most important ingredient contained in Drop Factor. It is a herb that contains a substance known as forskolii which stimulates the release of the hormone sensitive lipase enzyme, which breaks down stored body fat.

Cayenne pepper is used as a thermogenesis as it dilates blood vessels and increases blood circulation and flow. This in turn contributes to the transportation of more fatty acids.

SyneLEAN™ Blend as earlier stated contains two forms of synephrine. These are used here to increase the metabolic rate and also help in the suppression of appetite.

Unlike most other fat burner supplements Drop Factor is void of the ingredient acetyl I-carnitine. However, the latter is readily available as a separate product. The banning of Ephedra led to it being replaced by synephrine. Unfortunately, synephrine exhibits the same traits and side effects as Ephedra, making it unsafe for some people. This is one of the main precautionary measures that consumers should take when intending to purchase Drop Factor.

Size and servings
The Drop Factor supplement is available in the form of capsules as well as a powder. One container of Drop Factor will contain 60 or 120 capsules. The recommended dosage is two capsules per serving. The price of one container will vary from one retailer to another especially online. The cost of the container may range from 60 dollars to 80 dollars.

The Drop Factor supplement is capable of yielding the desired results. However, some of the ingredients contained in it may be dangerous to some people. For example synephrine has been identified as a potentially dangerous substance. Moreover, too much consumption of caffeine may be unhealthy according to medical researchers and practitioners. However, the supplement has an average rating of 7.6 on websites such as It is a pretty average supplement and there are better ones in the market.

We compared some of the products on the market to make a best weight loss pills list for our readers. Check it out if you still need more information.

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