Nitrox II – The best Nitric Oxide booster?

For those who are serious about their workouts, a great pre-workout supplement is essential. It can provide the necessary energy and focus while making it easier to push oneself to the limit. Let us have a look at one of the most popular pre-workout supplements NITROX II BY SCIFIT.

SciFit is one of the most well known makers of body building supplements in the market with more than 400 brands. However they have recently run into trouble with the FDA. If they fail to resolve this issue, their products will no longer be available.

Nitrox II is an improved version of Nitrox. Relatively speaking, Nitrox is a simple Nitric Oxide delivery supplement with quite a bit of fan following. Nitrox II is similar to Nitrox but with a few more ingredients.


The manufacturer as well as some users claim that Nitrox II increases the flow of blood to the muscles, enhances muscle pump while greatly improving vascularity. It also has a strong stimulant effect during the workout. The highlight of the product is SciFit’s proprietary pH controlled sustained delivery system.

Supplement Facts

Nitrox II is considered to be one of the best Nitric Oxide boosters. Two of its main ingredients – Citrulline Malate and AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) are supposed to enhance the production of Nitric Oxide in the body, naturally. Citrulline further increases L-Arginine levels in the blood. This further boosts up the Nitric Oxide levels.

Another ingredient, L-Taurine is supposed to greatly enhance the pump factor during a workout. On the other hand Alpha Lipoic Acid facilitates the transportation of the ingredients into the muscle cells.

SciFit’s proprietary pH delivery system ensures that all the ingredients are completely absorbed by the body.

Jar Size, flavors and price per serving

Nirox II is available as sotgel tablets, making it extremely easy to consume. The recommended dosage is considered to be 2 capsules per workout. Though some bodybuilders increase the dose, it is not really recommended and the benefits that one gets from this are doubtful.

One can buy the product online at a discounted price as low as $64.99. That’s for 180 soft gels. So if the dosage is 2 tablets a workout, it means that the cost per workout comes to about 72 cents.


According to, Nitrox II is the highest rated pre-workout and pump product! It has got an overall rating of 8.7 out of 10 from the users in this site. It has also got a rating of over 9 in effectiveness. also rates Nitrox II soft gel at 8.7. In fact, most users consider this their favorite Nitric Oxide boosting supplement.


Many body builders have reported that their body usually develops resistance to pre-workout supplements. What this means is that for the supplements to work in the same level of consistency, they have to take more and more of it. Thankfully the Nitrox II does not suffer from this effect. Most users report that they have got a very consistent result for a long period of time.

The only drawback of Nitrox II is that it does not have any fat loss properties that most other pre-workout supplements have.

Its high effectiveness, proprietary pH delivery system and great value makes it one of the best pre-workout products out there.

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