NO Xplode vs. C4

In this post I will be comparing NO Xplode from BSN to C4 from Cellucor. We see new pre-workout supplements hit the market on a weekly basis and some of you might have prefered to see other PWO’s compared (if that’s the case, send me an email and let me know) but I chose to go with these two as they are some of today’s most popular and most talked about pre-workout supplements.

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I have covered the details of the new N.O. Xplode before here. I have also highlighted C4 several times – both the old and the new version.

Let me just point you in the direction should you care to read up on the two, before I carry on to the comparison of the two.

Wait C4 What.., 4th Gen, Ripped, 50X or Clean?

I have posted a C4 4Gen Review here. As I haven’t tested it personally, it’s more of a preview than a complete review. Either way, the details of the supplement is covered in details so give it a read if you want to know what to expect from C4 4th Generation. When Cellucor released C4 4Gen, they also released a couple of related pre-workout supplements each with their own certain focus; C4 Ripped and C4 50X – How exactly are these different from the new C4 you might ask? Well I got you covered – read this post: C4 Ripped vs. C4 vs. C4 50X. I also wrote a post with a comparison of C4 4Gen Vs. C4 50X .

Keep in mind that in this post, I will be comparing C4 Vs. NO Xplode. Not C4 Ripped, C4 50X, or any old C4; I will be comparing the clean C4 4th Generation PWO from Cellucor.

Right so, NO Xplode 2.0, 3.0, Push or DNA?

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. How about NO Xplode? Well I got you covered here too. I am a BSN fan (see my latest post: Syntha 6 vs. Syntha 6 Edge and Best Tasting Protein Powder), so I took the new NO Xplode for a test, and shared all my thoughts on it here: New NO Xplode Review. If you want to know how the new NO Xplode is compared to NO Xplode 2.0, make sure to read this post.

NO Xplode Vs. C4

So I am comparing the new NO Xplode (3.0) vs. C4 4th Generation. Further down in this post you will find a table with detailed comparison of the supplement facts of the two supplements. But lets start out by taking a closer look at the price of the two.


On you can get a jar with 60 servings of NO Xplode for a total of $46.99. You can get a jar of C4 4th Generation with 60 servings for a total of $49.99. Short version is that NO Xplode is $3 cheaper for the same amount of servings.

Serving size

Most pre-workout supplement comes in the same sized jar, which was standardized by Jack3d as far as I remember. Everyone seems to be using that very same size these days. NO Xplode is different and the same is true for the serving size. As you can see from the table below, the serving size for NO Xplode is 18.5 grams vs. 6.5 grams in C4. So in short, NO Xplode is $3 cheaper than C4 but a serving packs 3 times as much of … well something – which we will get to shortly.

Supplement Facts

Now as you can see from the table below, NO Xplode does contain a lot of stuff that isn’t listed in C4. C4 contains a total of 5 substances that isn’t present in NO Xplode. The difference is massive and it makes it obvious why the serving size for NO Xplode is 3 times larger than the serving size for C4. One of the few things I really like about C4 is that we know how much Beta Alanine we get from one serving – this isn’t disclosed on NO Xplode. With that being said, I personally would have preferred to see more than the 1.6 grams included in a serving of C4. I think we might get slightly more from NO Xplode, since the partial prop. blend that contains beta alanine is a total of 2.8 grams.

The five substances listed in C4 which isn’t listed in NO Xplode are the following: Velvet Bean, Tetramethyluric Acid, Vitamin C, Creatine Nitrate and Arginine AKG.

Personally I think that Creatine Nitrate is a good addition, as nitrates will give you good pumps when hitting the gym. The sad thing here is that the dosage of 1 gram simply won’t do much good. Sure you might get increased pumps from the nitrates but the creatine itself isn’t really close to the 3 – 5 grams which is the typically recommended dose.

Arginine AKG is a good addition to this mix as this will help to reduce nitrate tolerance.

Vitamin C is what it is, and definitely not the aspect that determines whether to go for C4 or NO Xplode.

Velvet Bean / Mucuna Pruriens contains L-Dopa which is a precursor to dopamine. This is very common substance in nootropics, and we have seen it in a couple of different pre-workout supplements so far. It is a very popular substance mainly due to it’s mood-improving effects (as L-Dopa boosts dopamine); as it forms part of a prop. blend we don’t know how much we get, but since the first substance in the prop. blend should have the highest amount of all the substances listed in the prop. blend, we know it needs to contain more than the second listed substance which is 150 mg Caffeine Anhydrous. So if we get 150 mg of the second substance, we should at least get 151 mg of the first substance. That bring us to a total of 301 mg used of the entire blend, that is listed as 371 mg. That means we got 70 mg left which should be split between velvet bean and TeaCor, which basically means we at a max get 69 grams of velvet bean, but I think it’s safe to say we get less – with a recommended dose between 200 og 500 mg, then this is probably not giving C4 a lot of edge.

Alright so this leaves us with the final substance that makes C4 different – TeaCor / Theacrine / Tetramethyluric Acid – a compound very similar to caffeine, but hyped like crazy because it’s supposedly shouldn’t build a tolerance in the same manner that caffeine does. That’s all good, but the effect from it should not be much different from that of caffeine. The is probably the most interesting substance in the new C4 4th Generation, and it might be a really good addition. I can´t say for sure as I haven’t tested it.

I won’t cover all the substances listed in NO Xplode that isn’t listed in C4 as they have all been highlighted in this NO Xplode Review, but the short version is, there is a lot of interesting substances in NO Xplode, and the supplement is really good.

Below is a breakdown of the substances used in NO Xplode vs. C4.

Supplement Facts NO Xplode C4
Vitamin D 500IU
Vitamin C 250 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg 500 mcg
Vitamin B12 6 mcg 35 mcg
Vitamin B1 2 mg
Velvet Bean Prop. blend
Thiamin HCl Prop. blend
Tetramethyluric Acid Prop. blend
Taurine Prop. blend
Sodium Bicarbonate Prop. blend
Sodium 170 mg
Serving Size 18.5 g 6.5 g
Pyridoxine HCl Prop. blend
Potassium Prop. blend Prop. blend
Phyllanthus emblica Extract Prop. blend
Phosphorus 85 mg
Pantothenic Acid 10 mg
Niacin 20 mg 30 mg
Niacin Prop. blend 30 mg
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine Prop. blend Prop. blend
Magnesium Oxide Prop. blend
Magnesium 125 mg
L-Lysine HCl, Prop. blend
L-Citrulline Malate Prop. blend
Huperzine Prop. blend
Grapefruit Bioflavonoids Prop. blend
Grape Skin Extract Prop. blend
Folic Acid 200 mcg 250 mcg
Folate Prop. blend
DMAE Bitartrate Prop. blend
DL-Phenylalanine, Prop. blend
DL-Phenylalanine, Prop. blend
Di-Sodium Phosphate Prop. blend
Di-Calcium Phosphate Prop. blend
Danshen Extract Prop. blend
Cyanocobalamin Prop. blend
Creatine Peptides Prop. blend
Creatine Nitrate 1 g
Creatine Monohydrate Prop. blend
Creatine Anhydrous Prop. blend
Crataegus Laevigata Prop. blend
Cholecalciferol Prop. blend
Calories 30 5
Calcium D-Pantothenate Prop. blend
Calcium 90 mg 20 mg
Caffeine Cocrystal Prop. blend
Caffeine Anhydrous Prop. blend Prop. blend
Betaine Anhydrous Prop. blend
Beta-Alanine HCl Prop. blend
Beta-Alanine Prop. blend 1.6 g
AstraGIN Prop. blend
Arginine AKG 1 g


First of all, C4 has been rated 8.1 over at and 8.5 on There are two complete pre-workout reviews on SR, one who really loves the supplement and one who is less pleased. C4 is slightly more expensive than NO Xplode and the serving size is 6.5 grams compared to NO Xplodes 18.5 grams. There are some new and interesting substances added to the mix, but the question is will they do the trick, and specially if the dose is high enough. With that being said, C4 clearly seems to focus on the energy part more than pumps. Nitrates will do some for pumps, but that’s about it.

NO Xplode has been rated 6.7 on and 8.6 on Keep in mind that the reviews on both sites show an aggregated score for years back, meaning that these are based on at NO Xplode 2.0 as well. and show reviews for the new NO Xplode posted back in 2010 and 2011 – years before it was released. This, for some reason, seems to be different with C4 4Gen where reviews are based on exactly that supplement. So keep in mind that the ratings on these two sites are not true reflection of people’s opinions on the new NO Xplode. Back to the main point here; so NO Xplode is slightly cheaper and you get 3 times more per serving than you do in C4. However, the dose for some of the substances used might be questionable as well – I have highlighted this in the NO Xplode review.

I think, it’s not fair for me to throw a final call on this as I haven’t tested the new C4 4Gen. In addition to this, the new NO Xplode does come with a bit of a crash a few hours post-ingestion, which definitely is a minus.

I would love to give the new C4 a try so I can share my honest opinion on which one is better.

From the looks of it, I think it’s fair to say that NO Xplode looks like a true winner, but again, I need to test C4 before I make the final call. Hopefully this post has helped you to make up your mind as to which one you should get. If you have tested both supplements, I would love to hear your thoughts on which one is better.

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No Xplode or C4 4Gen?

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