Odd Fitness and Bodybuilding Gear

The market for fitness and body building supplements is huge! I have covered a couple of supplements here on muscles.zone such as a range of different weight gainers (see them compared in the best weight gainer list here), several different pre-workout supplements and with plans to add lots more. There is no end to the releases of new pre-workout supplements, weight gainers, protein powders, meal replacement powders, fat burners, nootropics, and the like; we see new products on a weekly basis. But the fitness and body building industry isn’t just about supplements.

The market for fitness and bodybuilding gear is huge as well; shoes, clothes, weights, etc. Now and then we also see some certain products that are very different from the rest; some cool, some innovative and some just very strange. In this post, I have listed a total of 21 products that somewhat fit into one of these three categories. Some of them are on my personal wishlist while others are completely meaningless. Here goes; (on a sidenote, no affiliate links have been used in the post).

The Dash

Wireless earphones the Dash
The Dash is a pair of wireless earphones, that looks awesome and furturistic, tracks your activities, gives you realtime feedback ans is compatible with 3rd party apps. The Dash looks awesome and I want it badly! The price is a bit steep though. Get your Dash Earphones here for the price of $299.


Cubii is a pedal exerciser that you can use at work. Simply place it below your desk, and get your daily exercise done while at work. Cubii is designed with the optimal angles that will allow your legs to move smoothly, provide you with the necessary exercise, and ensure that your knees don’t make any contact with the desk. You can pre-order it here for a total of $319. Personally I would never use this, and I cannot imagine anyone at the office doing so. But maybe that’s just me…

Primal Chimp Kettlebell

primal chimp kettlebell
Want to spice up your kettlebell training? Well now you can, with these primal chimp kettlebells. These are Fully-functional kettlebells, and although they don’t look like it, they are actually perfectly balanced. Prices start around $40 a pop and you can get them here.

Runners Jetpack

Runners Jetpack Run faster with 4MM (four-minute mile) developed by Jason Kerestes. Now you can get your hands on this ultra cool gadget that will give you superhuman powers. You can read more here. You can see it in action, in the video below:


TreadWallSo you want to get started with rock climbing but you are not close to any rocks, not a wall for practising? TreadWall is here to solve your problems. With this thing, you can keep climbing until you drop. There is no limit to the upside here 🙂 Get it here or See a video below for exact details on the TredWall:

Aquabilt A-2000 Excercise Swimming Pool Treadmill w/ Removable Handrail

AquabitWe all know it requires more energy to move below water than above. With that in mind, I guess it makes perfect sense to get an underwater tredmill. This way you will optimize your workout and burn more calories, although it might look a bit odd. Get it here.

But hey! Why stop there. Why only bring the tredmill below water, when you can take the whole guy below water and do you workout routinue as per usual?

Free Flexor

Free FlexorThe Worlds first flexing dumbell is here! Thats what the guy in the video tells us at least. They go all in with the promises of Free Flexor, like “you Will Get Ripped!” and so on. It does however, seem like their main website has been discontinued, so maybe the same is true for the worlds first flexing dumbell?

Kangoo Jump

Kangoo JumpRun faster and jump higher with Kangoo Jump. Okay it might look at bit odd running fast through the streets with a couple of kangoo jumpers on, but if you can live with that, it does look like a lot of fun! I would love to combine these with the runners jetpack and head off. Get your Kangoo Jumpers here.


TrekDesk-Treadmill-Desk This stuff is, in my opinion, just odd! Sure he might be right in that there are certain issues and potential dangers related to that of sitting at your desk all day long, but I surely wouldnt get any work done if I had to walk while doing it – even if I was walking slow. If you really want it, you can get it here.

The Hawaii Chair

The-Hawaii-ChairThis is just as odd and inappropriate for work as the TrekDesk Tredmill. Who in the world would be able to concentrate and get work done while sitting on a chair that spins your buttom like the Hawaii Chair does. And what exactly is this supposed to be good for again? Get something that looks very similar here.

Muscles Mug

Mug-Muscles-Build-Your-Muscles-Beer-Mug-with-Hand-Grip-Exerciser-HandleWhat better way to enjoy your pre-workout than in a muscle mug, allowing you to jumpstart your session with some tension in your forearms. Alternatively you can end you workout routine with a protein shake served in a muscle mug, finishing off with a couple of sets for your forearms. Get it here.

The KettleClamp – Adjustable Kettlebell

The-KettleClamp,-Adjustable-KettlebellLots of fitness gear allows you to adjust the weight to how you see fit. Kettlebells popularity have increased tremendous in recent years, but you have always been forced to keep the kettlebell workout at the gym, due to the need for several different sizes. This problem, is now solved with The KettleClamp – adjustable kettlebells. If you want to do you kettlebell session at home, this is for you. Get it here.

SKLZ Speed Resistance Training Parachute

SKLZ-Speed-Resistance-Training-Parachute-with-Free-SKLZ-Carry-BagI am sure it works. There will be resistance no doubt. It does, however, look kind of silly to run around with a parachute behind your back. In addition to this, it does seem very unpractical. But who won’t go that extra mile to reach one’s goals? Get it here

Zackees Turn-Signal Gloves

Zackees-Turn-Signal-Gloves-for-Cycling-with-Ultrabright-Rechargeable-PackTruly odd, but for the geeky ones this might be interesting. I love bikring, and luckily for me, there are other ways to signal a turn – I am not even sure this would count as a “legal” turn here. Get it here.

padded muscles shirt!

padded-muscles-shirt!If you cant be bothered going to the gym for years in order to get that ripped look, here is your shortcut.

Fat Gripz

Fat-GripzYour body’s weakest link is your grip. It’s the same with pretty much everyone: bodybuilder, athlete, MMA fighter. There aren’t many people who don’t want to improve their grip. Now you can, with Fat Gripz, and oh yeah, Jay Cutler uses them – I want a pair! Get it here.

Nexersys – King of the Ring

Nexersys---King-of-the-RingSick and tired of playing Tekken using a controller? With this you can now play fighting games very close to how it would be in real life. It might not be a perfect fit for your livingroom, but besides from that, its pretty awesome! Get it here.

Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram-FiveFingers-KMD-Sport-LS-Shoes---Men'sOkay so this looks odd. Extremely odd. I have seen people walking around in the city wearing these and it really does look strange. There are however, supposed to be a bunch of good reasons for using them. Because it separate your toes a tiny bit, it will improve the strength in your feet and overall balance. I have also been told they are supposed to do wonders for your back. Get a pair here.

Neck Massager with Wireless Remote Control

Neck-Massager-with-Wireless-Remote-ControlIs your girlfriend sick and tired of giving you massage every day after your workout session? Alright this might not be a full body massage alternative, but if your neck is a problem area, this is for you. Oh, and its remotely controlled. Awesome!

Planet Waves Varigrip Adjustable Hand-Exerciser

Planet-Waves-Varigrip-Adjustable-Hand-ExerciserIf Fat Gripz didn’t cut it, you can get yourself a varigrip and continue working on your massive forearms. For mindblowing results, combine fat gripz, varigrip and the Muscle Mug and you will be there in no time! Get it here.

Resistance Water Dumbbell

Resistance-Water-Dumbbell-(pair)Underwater workout was mentioned earlier in this post. Its harder and more effective. Because of this, why not take your weightlifting below the water with the water resistance dumbells. Get it here.

Thats it guys. Ready to go shopping?

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