Olympus Labs CONQU3R Demigod Edition Reviewed

Conqu3r Demigod Edition is a special version of the original Conqu3r by Olympus Labs, one that claims to offer all the energy, endurance, focus and pump into one single product. With the added bonus of coming in a stimulant-free version and in multiple flavors to boot, the Conqu3r Demigod Edition strives to be the ultimate pre-workout formula.

Supplement facts

Huperzine 1% 10 mg

Bioperine 10 mg

Caffeine 200 mg

Higenamine 40 mg

Agmatine 1000 mg

Creatinol-O-Phosphate 2000 mg

A key ingredient with potential for being a great ergogenic. It allegedly counters fatigue by promoting cellular glycolysis and comes in at a whopping 2000mg, but unfortunately all its promising results are based on rat studies, with very little data on humans so far.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 6000 mg

A precursor to amino acid Arginine that has been shown to work effectively as a performance enhancer. By increasing ATP production during workouts, subjects who have tried this substance were able to perform significantly more reps, and with less muscle soreness as well.

ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine) 1000 mg

Enhances muscle oxygenation and has been shown to reduce markers of exercise-induced stress.

Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha GPC) 250 mg

One of the more readily-absorbed choline sources. Great for enhancing cognitive ability. Was present in the original formula too, but has now received a 100mg boost for focus optimization during workouts.

Amentoflavone 20% 500 mg

A good vasodilator whose effectiveness is maximized in conjunction with caffeine (also included here). Together they markedly increase muscle contraction.

High Yield Glycerol 2000 mg

Effective pump agent, good for retaining water and preventing dehydration.

L-Tyrosine 2000 mg

Precursor to dopamine and noradrenaline, which it claims to increase. Studies, however, have shown little improvement when it comes to pure performance enhancement, although Tyrosine has been demonstrated to preserve cognitive function in times of stress and intense body effort.

Flavors, jar sizes and Price per Serving

Conqu3r Demigod Edition comes in six different flavors: Wicked Melon, Primal Punch, Rawberry Lemonade, Strawngberry Kiwi, Sour Apple Annihilation and Maniacal Mango. It comes in a single size container with 20 servings and is priced at 48.99$ on the Olympus Labs website, which would mean the cost per serving comes out at approximately 2.45$. It’s worth noting though, that you can get it cheaper at www.nutraplanet.com, where it retails for just 27.49$.


While Conqu3r isn’t listed on www.bodybuilding.com, it does have users on www.supplementreviews.com buzzing due to its absence of prop blends and inclusion of many useful substances at sizeable dosages. Its pump and energy properties have received acclaim, whereas the taste and mixability of it leave something to be desired. Some people really appreciate the fact that it comes in a non-stim version as well, with the Caffeine and Higenamine taken out.


While I haven’t personally tested this PWO, the community members that have mostly claim that it is worth the price. Despite being a little expensive, the Conqu3r Demigod Edition does indeed contain larger-than-average quantities of many substances considered essential for any efficient pre-workout routine, while also striking a decent balance between being a pump-based physically oriented PWO and a more psychoactive one that aims for increased mental focus and stimulation.

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