I am always open for mutual beneficial partnerships, so if you got something on your mind, simply drop me an email. Normally I am very open to:

Test and review supplements

Muscle Zone PartnershipNote that here on I primarily focus on pre- and post-workout supplements, protein powders, creatine and fat burners. If you got a supplement in one of these categories and would like to see it reviewed here on, simply send me a jar and I will get an honest review posted (send me an email and we will work things out) Note that I am not interested in any prohormones, designer steroids, SARMs supplements or anything related to this.

Guest posts

If you got a top notch supplement or fitness focused /related post that you would like to see posted here on simply send it over and if the quality is there, it will be posted.

General questions, comments and suggestions

I am always open to new ideas and I welcome feedback. If you got anything on your mind related to, please do send me an email and let me know.