PowerBlock Sport 55 Dumbbell Set

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Undoubtedly, dumbbells are immensely effective tools which are widely recommended by fitness experts as being integral to one’s daily strength training routine. Adjustable dumbbells in particular have got a number of benefits in comparison to their traditional regular counterparts. Notable amongst these benefits include the consumption of considerably lesser space in comparison to a room occupied by full regular dumbbell sets. This is attributed to the fact that the weight in adjustable dumbbells can be taken off as desired and hence saving storage space. A single adjustable weight set can create dumbbells sets of various weights hence eliminating the need for purchasing multiple regular dumbbells to cover the same weight range.

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The PowerBlock Sport 55 Dumbbell set is one of the most sought after adjustable dumbbells sets in the market. It possesses a handful of beneficial features that are certainly set to generate interest amongst serious fitness individuals. These features amongst other details pertaining to this product will be extensively covered in this review.

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells – Features

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  • Weight adjustment for the PowerBlock Sport 55 ranges from a measly 5 lbs to a staggering 55 lbs per single adjustable set (i.e per single dumbbell).
  • A pair of these PowerBlock dumbbells effectively stand in for or replace up to 22 pairs of regular fixed dumbbells which all cumulatively weigh up to 1265 lbs.
  • As it had been earlier mentioned, the fact that numerous regular dumbbell pairs have been replaced obviously implies that the Powerblock adjustable dumbbell saves a lot of valuable storage space.
  • This dumbbell set offers more compactness and balance compared to ordinary dumbbells. In addition, the handle for each dumbbell is padded for extra grip comfort as well as wrist protection.


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  • The selector pins allow one to change (increase or decrease) weights very easily akin to a weight stack at the gym thus making the Sport 55 dumbbell set highly ideal for the home strength workout routine.
  • The 15 year limited home use warranty is exceptional, especially considering other manufacturers/suppliers offer their products with significantly shorter warranty periods.
  • Padded handle is a much welcomed ergonomic feature especially for beginners whose wrists are unaccustomed to lifting weights.
  • The PowerBlock Sport 55 set is significantly cheaper in comparison to regular dumbbell sets which makes them a highly economic workout alternative for the budget conscious.

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  • Since the PowerBlock Sport 55 are an adjustable dumbbell set, they inherently suffer from the same problem that all adjustable dumbbell sets suffer from albeit very minimally in this product’s case and that is: the separate components of the adjustable weight tend to move or shake during work outs and this can at times cause anxiety during overhead exercises.
  • However, for this particular set, this problem is highly negligible to say the least as the blocks hold very strongly together and the adjustment pin is magnetic which further improves weight attachment.

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PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells – Conclusion

The PowerBlock Sport 55 dumbbell set are a highly functional and economical option for those who are keen to keep fit whilst paying attention to their budget. The set is available for sale on Amazon and is reasonably priced at $337.87.
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