C4 Ultimate – Yet Another C4 from Cellucor

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Over the past couple of years, we have seen quite the list of new C4 Pre-workout supplements from Cellucor. I have posted about most of these here on muscles.zone in the past. Below you will find a list of links to all of the various C4 posts, here on muscles.zone.

So with all the C4 variations on the market, is there really room for another one? We already have the standard C4 and the C4 50X wich is basically C4 with double dosing on all the substances. We also got the niche versions like C4 Neuro and C4 Mass – and now, we finally, got C4 Ultimate. From a quick look at the pre-workout supplement facts, this does in fact, looks like a much better alternative than the original C4 (in my opinion).

There are lots of tried and tested ingredients and at proven doses. Once we get more details on the new C4 Ultimate from Cellucor (Get C4 Ultimate on Amazon) you can expect a full review here on muscles.zone as well as a detailed comparison post where I will take a closer look at C4 vs. C4 Ultimate. Stay tuned.

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