New Pump HD from BPI Released

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Yesterday I shared some thought on the new, to be released, Pump HD from BPI. They have been hyping this for some time now, but today, they finally put it up for sale on their website.

Because of this, we now know which substances this new pre workout supplement contains. Let’s take a closer look. Here goes:

CycloCreatine PCr
Glycerol 2X-RS
citrulline silicate
echinea purpurea
green tea

There are some interesting substances here, which I will cover in details in one of the upcoming days. But for now, let’s go with what BPI has to say about the new Pump HD:

PUMP HD™ provides smooth, natural energy & mental focus with zero caffeine, zero yohimbine and zero jitters added into this pre-training fuel – just hard hitting and effective ingredients backed by scientific research and proven in the gym. None of the nonsense, all of the PUMP.

PUMP HD™ is more than a pre-workout, it’s an experience unlike any other. This pre-training performance fuel has key ingredients that all come together for the ultimate focus, performance, and pump. Let PUMP HD™ work it’s magic allowing you to give it all you’ve got in the gym

This sure sounds good but will Pump HD live up to the claims? Time will tell. As you probably know, I wasn’t fond of the original version but based on the substances used here, it definately looks far more interesting than the former version. Stay tuned for more information on Pump HD in July.
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