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A few days ago, I wrote about the new pre workout supplement from MAN Sports named Pump – a PWO that seemingly is going to replace the former NooPump. You can read more about that here. As MAN Sports is a well-known company in the supplement space I decided to post a review on their new pre-workout Pump. Note that you can still purchase NooPump on various sites. Read my review of NooPump here.

The first time I stumbled upon MAN Sports was when they launched a fat burner named Scorch. This was years ago, and one thing that made the fat burner stand out from the crowd back then, was the fully disclosed supplement facts. It also had an excellent combination of substances that all were used at appropriate dosages. Scorch is still listed on for sale on their website – the look is different from back then, and I think the formula has changed slightly as well, but most of the substances are the same. So if you are looking for a solid fat burner, Scorch might be what you are looking for. But this is not the topic of todays post, so let me get back on track.

In this review I will focus on PUMP. Now before we get to the supplement facts, let’s see what MAN Sports has to say about PUMP:


​Pump Powder is a straight-forward, effective & to-the-point formula boasting a trifecta of pump ingredients dosed to specifically yield perpetual pumps, super vascularity & strength gains so every workout is positive progression.

We dreamt up Pump Powder from the need for a product that: hits within minutes, keeps you pumped & vascular hours after your workout has ended, mixes with anything and tastes phenomenal…

Welcome to the world of Pump Powder.


There is more information listed on MAN Sports website, pay them a visit if you want the full version. So this sounds pretty good. A Pump based PWO, that is to be stacked if you want the energy side of things in your PWO. Let’s take a closer look at the supplement facts of PUMP. Here goes:

The new PUMP contains the following:

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  • Niacin 12.5mg
  • Vitamin B12 (As Methylcobalamin) 1.2mg
  • Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid) 100mg
  • Full Disclosure Pump Powder Actives
  • Agmatine Sulfate (Agmaflow™) 500mg
  • Glycerol Monostearate (65% Glycerol) 1500mg
  • Citrulline Malate 1:1 Ratio 3000mg



We start out with 12.5 mg of Niacin (which is another name for Vitamin B3). Niacin is famous for giving users a the niacin flush – a tingling sensation very similar to tingle you get from a good dose of beta-alanine. Personally I enjoy this feeling, but lots of people hate it. Either way, 12.5 mg isn’t really enough to give you a strong niacin flush (as the strength of the niacin flush goes hand in hand with the dose you take). Why exactly is Niacin used in PUMP? Well, actually it doesn’t do much from a pre-workout perspective. Jim Stoppani tells you why it’s often used in PWO’s righ here (hint – because you “feel” something). This would make sense, but the thing is that if that was true, the dose would need to be upped.

Some people claim that niacin will improve vascularity, but I think this is questionable. I have never noticed this effect myself, and if there was some truth to this, I think the dose used here is too low anyway. The arguments on improved vascularity I have seen, seems to go hand in hand with the niacin flush, which won’t be achieved by 12.5 mg. I guess the idea people have is, that niacin causes the blood vessels to dilate (which is what causes the flush) and it is believed that this equates to improved vascularity. If this was the case, it would arguably only last as long as the niacin flush does (which is approximately 30 minutes to an hour). In addition to this, a tolerance is to this is build up pretty fast and finally, the dose for any (just a mild) flush to happen, the dose would probably need to be upped to at least 50 mg. So even two scoops of PUMP would only give you half the niacin dose of what is likely to give you a bit of niacin flush.

There is one study that confirms a link between Niacin consumption and a higher level of Nitric Oxide Synthase, and because of this, a higher level of NO. I do not have access, to the full report, I assume the dosage used are significantly higher than what you get here. I am not sure though.

​Now don’t get me wrong; with the stuff above, it might sound like there it’s no benefits to using niacin at all, but that not true; far from it. There are lots and lots of benefits (and unique ones) to supplementing with niacin – it just doesn’t seem to be very relevant from a pre-workout perspective.


Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin which amongst other helps with energy metabolism, support healthy nerve functions and formations of red blood cells. There is definitely a need to supplement with vitamin B12 if you are in a deficit, but most people aren’t. What should be noted here is that we are getting the active form of B12 Methylcobalamin and not Cyanocobalamin – Cyanocobalamin is the cheaper version, while Methylcobalamin is a bit more expensive, so we know that MAN Sports gives us some quality stuff here.

Back to the reasoning for B12 again; as vitamin B12 supports converting carbohydrates into glucose , which is used for energy, its quite normal people eat a banana or some other carbs before hitting the gym – if you, at this stage have a vitamin B12 deficit, the conversion process won’t be optimal, which ultimately will lead to a less than optimal workout session. I think that is the primary reason for the inclusion. However, I think it’s needless to say that if you have a vitamin B12 deficit, your workout sessions are probably not your main problem!

In addition to this vitamin B12 has also been shown to boost the immune system and speed up the recovery process. That’s all good, but sounds more like something for a post-workout supplement than a pre, in my opinion. Anyhow, it’s there and I am not going to complain about it.


Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid) 250mg ; you probably supplement with vitamin C when you have a cold or are about to get one. Vitamine C is also a strong antioxidant, and it comes with several benefits; Vitamin C is required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. The vitamin is essential for producing collagen, a protein needed to make skin, scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It is important for healing of wounds, and for the restoration and maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. But there is more the vitamin C than this. I am sure you have probably noticed that Vitamin C is a very common substance in pre-workout supplements, but what is the reason for this? The short version is that Vitamin C has NO-Boosting qualities. – You can read more about it here.

Full Disclosure Pump Powder Actives

​Agmatine Sulfate (Agmaflow™)

We have seen this stuffed used in other PWO´s such as Hamavo2 and Conquer from iForce. Agmatine Sulfate (which occasionally is listed a AgmaPure – but in this case, as the trademarked Agmaflow) acts as an antioxidant, appears to help regulate the levels of Nitric Oxide and should allegedly be able to give the user a focus boost. The most interesting aspect of agmatine sulfate is its effect on hyperemia (pump); typically NO related substances are used with the intention of increasing the NO levels. Agmatine sulfate however, works as a pump amplifier by prolonging its lifespan by preventing NO breakdown. I have no complaints here; good stuff.

Glycerol Monostearate (65% Glycerol)​

​Glycerol is a pump amplifier which seemingly won’t give you as much of a pump as say NO, but the pump you do get will be longer lasting, due to water retention. A side benefit from glycerol is a proven prevention of post-workout dehydration.

Citrulline Malate 1:1

​As mentioned before here on muscles.zone, Citrulline Malate is a proven energy booster and a substance I welcome in my pre-workout supplements. It’s a precursor to the amino acid Arginine that has been shown to work effectively as a performance enhancer. By increasing ATP production during workouts, subjects who have tried this substance were able to perform significantly more reps, and with less muscle soreness as well.

Verdict on PUMP from MAN Sports

​It’s a good mix of pump amplifying substances, but its a bit thin. Besides from the vitamins, you get the three above listed substances, which I expect will do some good but not a whole lot. As stated on MAN sports homepage, this PWO can be stacked, and I think for most people, it probably should be, in order to join the ranks of other PWO´s on the market. Keep in mind that this is solely a pump based (as the name clearly indicates) PWO, with no energy boosting elements.

MAN Sports recently released another new PWO named Game Day, which I will be reviewing here on muscles.zone as well. This might be a good mix with Pump, in order to get a solid pre workout. Keep in mind though, that this is not going to be the cheapest option around.

A good but thin choice, with a focus on pumps. A good candidate for stacking, with energy boosting PWOs.​

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