My Review on the New and Popular Nitramine (Myokem)

In the last post I covered the details of a PWO called Super NOS Pump from Body Fortress. Before that, I shared my thoughts on Animal Pump from Universal and Speed Xtreme Ultra Concentrated from Lecheek Nutrion. I have also covered the details of no xplode, 1mr vortex and the best weight gainer. Today I will be looking closer at Nitramine from Myokem.

Looking for the best pre-workout supplements on the market? Here is a review of Nitramine from Myokem, including information on its ingredients and benefits.

Nitramine from Myokem

Nitramine is a pre-workout supplement that has been developed by the company Myokem. It is the first product to be launched by the company and was released in early 2014.

Review of Nitramine from Myokem


Myokem claims that Nitramine will provide “insane” results, and works as a pre-workout supplement to focus the mind when at the gym for a much more effective workout. These cognitive enhancement benefits include enhanced neurotransmission and better mental clarity. Let’s have a look at what’s included to see if Nitramine delivers on its promises…

Supplement Facts

One serving (1 scoop/6.7 grams of product) of Nitramine provides 0 calories. The product contains 5.1 grams of VasoPlasmic Power Matrix, which is a mix of the following:

Beatine Anhydrous

Beta Alanine

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Agmatine Sulfate

This blend contains ingredients which can be found in other pre-workout formulas, and all have been well-research and found to be effective during a workout. For example:
Beta Alanine: This ingredient is extremely effective when it comes to building lean muscle on the body. Considered a ‘building block’ of protein, Beta Alanine works by increasing endurance so you can lift heavier (and for longer) when at the gym. The ingredient also combats the effect of muscle fatigue by creating carnosine in the body, and reduces the amount of oxygen required by the muscle tissue when working out.

Beatine Anhydrous: Used to support immune function, maintain intestinal function, and protect DNA formation.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: Another energy booster, and studies have shown that the ingredient may help to reduce muscle damage after resistance exercise.

Agmatine Sulfate: Can improve mood, cognition, and cardiovascular health.

Other ingredients include artificial and natural flavor.

Flavors, Jar sizes and price per serving

Nitramine comes in one flavor, Dragon Fruit. Only one jar size is available, which provides the user with a total of 30 servings per container. The list price of Nitramine is $69.99, which equates to a price of around $2.33 per serving.


Myokem Nitramine doesn’t have a listing on, but is listed on, where it holds a rating of 8.4. The product is currently ranked as the 7th best pre-workout stimulant product on the website, out of a total of 166 products. The product also has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Reviewers have noted that the product tastes good and mixes well.


As I haven’t tried Nitramine (Myokem), I can only review the product based on the facts. On first glance, the product contains a plethora of ingredients that are essential during a workout, and can help to increase endurance and mental capacity – ideal when trying to lift heavy. These ingredients are also safe and have been well-tested. Nitramine is also beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of mental fatigue and soreness (thanks to ingredients like Beta Alanine), so you can get back to the gym quickly after a strenuous training session. The price is standard for a pre-workout supplement, and judging by the ingredients listed, will provide you with a burst of energy just before your workout.

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