Review: Noxipro from CTD Sport

Noxipro is a pre-workout supplement from the company CTD that hit this month’s list of top pre-workout supplements. Because of this, I decided to take a closer look at the details of I had never heard about CTD before I stumbled upon Noxipro. I went to their website to see what they are all about. The company’s mission statement makes it clear that there is a focus on innovation to gain a competitive advantage, and on quality because the clients deserve it. Fair enough. So let’s take a look at the specifics of Noxipro.

CTD Claims on Noxipro

CTD sports claim that Noxipro will give you extreme energy, mental focus, and muscular strength. More specifically this is what they say:

Noxipro is an extreme energy pre-workout designed to enhance nitric oxide synthesis and increase muscular strength and power.How does it work: Noxipro contains several ingredients designed to support nitric oxide production, mental focus, and extreme energy.

​Not a lot of information here. Let continue to the ingredients.

Noxipro Supplement Facts

First thing to note is that noxipro comes as one big prop. blend so you won’t know how much of what you get. With that being said, Noxipro used to contain a 6650 mg. mix of the following:




Creatine Monohydrate

Karb-Jet (Karbolyn)N-Carbamylglutamate




1,3 Dimethylamylamine



This version has been discontinued, probably due to the DMAA ban. But just like everyone else, CTD came out with a new formula, which is the one forming part of January´s top ten PWO supplements. This revamped version of Noxipro contains a prop. blend with the following:




Fibersol-2(soluble corn fiber)

Creatine Monohydrate

2-Amino-4-methylpentane Citrate

Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate)


Higenamine HCL


Capsicum annum Fruit Extract

Alpha Yohimbine

Huperzia serrata Club Moss Extract​

So there is a couple of usual ingredients here; beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, caffeine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Alpha Yohimbine and Capsicum annum fruit extract are old news.​

Let’s take a look at the rest of substances used here.

Infinergy (dicaffeine Malate) is not entirely new. I have seen it in other pre workout supplements before. First time I stumbled upon it was in the PWO called Mr. Hyde from Pro Supps. Here is what they say about Dicaffeine malate:

DiCaffeine Malate combines malic acid with natural caffeine. Dicaffeine malate works in much the same was as caffeine, but without the stomach upset that can be associated with the more popular stimulant, caffeine. The two ingredients are combined into one compound that increases both mental focus and energy and thermogenesis.

So basically, dicaffeine Malate simply seems to be a combination of Caffeine and Malic Acid. I cannot find any scientific studies to support the above-listed claims, but keep in mind the claims above are in relation to Mr. Hyde and not Noxipro. Basically CTD doesn’t state any specific benefits directly related to any of the ingredients used in Noxipro.

So yeah, it might work, but personally I don’t think it’s very different from regular caffeine.

Next on the list is Fibersol-2 (soluble corn fiber). This is apparently a soluble dietary fiber that is produced from corn; a resistant maltodextrin. This will allegedly help you to maintain normal levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, positively influence blood glucose levels, promotes the growth of “friendly” intestinal bacteria. It also helps maintain healthy intestinal regularity, potentially reducing the incidence of various diseases.

Higenamine HCL is used in other PWO´s in recent years. One of the more popular ones is Jack3D Micro, which listed it as Norcoclaurine HCl. Higenamine (norcoclaurine) is a substance found in a variety of plants including Nandina domestica, Aconitum carmichaelii, Asarum heterotropioides, Galium divaricatum, Annona squamosa, and Nelumbo nucifera.

Higenamine’s actions are supposedly similar to other stimulants by causing some tissues in the body to relax and other parts (the heart for one) to contract. According to WebMD it seems to increase heart rate contractions and speed up the heart rate. What is worth to mention here is that Higenamine is one of the main chemicals in the plan aconite which has been shown to cause serious heat-related side effects! This is not to say that this is directly correlated to the Higenamine but considering that it is the main chemical in the plant, there is a good chance it might be.

Naringin is the chemical compound in grapefruit that is responsible for its bitter taste. It is classified as a phytochemical, which is a naturally occurring plant compound with potential nutritional benefits. Allegedly, Naringin has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and cholesterol lowering effects.

Capsicum annum Fruit Extract is, well yeah, fruit extract from capsicum. I guess you use this every now and then in the kitchen. Capsicum also known as red pepper or chili pepper, is a herb and widely used in lots of different recipes. Capsicum fruit extract comes with a bunch of health benefits, and is generally thought to be safe for consumption.

Club moss is an herb which contains the chemical called Huperzia. This chemical is starting to show in the supplement fact list for more and more pre workout products. It has been used in nootropic supplements for a couple of years, but more recently its become more and more popular in PWO supplements as well. Huperzia is mainly used for Alzheimer’s disease and general memory disorders. It is also used against fever, pain and swelling. In this relation as a PWO substance, it’s probably mostly used, due to the muscle relaxing effects and ability to improve blood circulation. Some people have reported effects such as attention span, improved concentration and focus from supplementation with Huperzia, and my guess is that this is what CTD hopes that Huperzia will bring to the table.​

Finally we have the substance that makes this preworkout supplement stand out from the crowd, and it is: 2-Amino-4-methylpentane Citrate. This chemical has gained tremendous attention in recent month, after it first introduction by DS in their latest attempt to come up with a replacement for Craze – a new PWO called Frenzy. They labeled it as Pouchung Tea and Pentergy. It’s also known as AMP-Citrate, DMBA, 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine and DMAA Light. It is supposedly very similar to DMAA from a structural perspective and similar to both DMAA and Ephedrine based on the effect (and probably side effect) people get from it.

Basically, its looks like a decent mix of ingredients. There is some good and known substances here, and the AMP Citrate is clearly one that will give people the edge that pushes this pre workout supplement into the top ten. However, AMP Citrate is a still a questionable substance, with a complete lack of scientific studies backing benefits from it, and with no information about the possible side effects. However, the worst part is that due to Noxipro being a proprietary blend, you won’t know how much of this substance you get in one serving.

Flavor, Jar Size and Price per Serving

According to CTD Sport’s website, the new Noxipro comes in two different flavors; Fruit Punch and Cherry Limeade. One jar of Noxipro will cost you a total of $54.55 and give you a total of 40 servings. That means that one serving of Noxipro comes out at $1.37 which is not too bad isn’t that bad at all.


As mentioned in the Top Ten Pre-workout supplements for January, Noxipro is listed a the 5th most popular pre workout supplement on SupplementReviews. If you filter for effectiveness in the pre-workout category, its ranked number one! The product seems to have been discontinued on, probably due to the first version containing DMAA

Verdict on Noxipro from CTD

The main thing I noted here is that there is a lack of information. Basically, there is none. We are told the PWO will give us energy, mental focus and strength. But that’s pretty much it. There is no additional information on the ingredients. Another issue with Noxipro is that is basically one big prop. blend. You won’t be able to tell how much of what you get when you take one serving of Noxipro. There are also potential side effects from AMP Citrate and Higenamine HCL as outlined above.With that being said, the supplement is likely to work, meaning that you will probably get a good boost of energy and focus from a Noxipro serving. It’s definitely more of a stimulant / energizing kind of supplement than a pump amplifier. The price is fair. It probably works very well. There might be certain side effects. There is a complete lack of detailed information from CTD Sport.

If you have tested Noxipro from CTD, I would love to hear your thoughts on the product.​

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