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SUPER FREAK from PharmFreak

SUPER FREAK is a hybrid pre-workout formula, clinically-researched and developed by PharmaFreak – a company that boasts of over a decade in dietary supplements and a strong background in sports science. The super-concentrated supplement’s history spans years of market dominance with its ability to enhance mental focus, blood flow, muscle endurance and muscular strength and power. Prior to introducing SUPER FREAK, the Pharma Freak R&D team has had popular products such as Test Freak, Creatine Freak, Ripped Freak, Flex Freak, Mass Freak, GHgf Freak and Anabolic Freak under their belt. In particular, SUPER FREAK is an improved version of the Ripped Freak, which was a bit light on the use of stimulants.

Very scant details have been released on various review sites for this supplement, and there is extra information that this page will highlight. This review contains a comprehensive cover of every angle of this supplement, including its facts, ingredients, flavors and my modest thought on it too.


SUPER FREAK is marketed as the first hybrid pre-workout concentrate containing many super performance-enhancing active ingredients, medically-validated doses of nitric oxide and stronger and varied range of mind-altering stimulants. It is designed to give users a more enhanced cognitive function and muscle performance. So let’s find out if the supplement really lives up to its name, and if it truly delivers these claims.

Supplement facts

SUPER FREAK pre-workout formula delivers more than 5 key active ingredients in mega doses. This means that even at smaller doses, the product still delivers extremely well on energy and enhanced focus. It comes as a 2,500 mg. prop. It blends a mix of the following:

Proprietary Blend 2,500 mg contains:

· Muscular Strength and Anti-Fatigue Complex

· Cognitive Focus & Anti-Stress Support Complex

· Mind & Muscle Stimulant Support Complex

· Muscle Pump & Antioxidant Recovery Support Complex

· AstraGin Patented Absorption Support Complex

Muscular Strength & Anti-Fatigue Complex contains 1,000 mg. Beta-Alamine Anhydrous (2-trimethylammonioacetate), 200 mg of L-Aspartic Acid, Siberian Ginseng Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus), 50 mg Peppermint Oil and 15 mg of D-Pinitol. These ingredients have been used in numerous other supplements to enhance muscular performance. They are taken up by the muscle and re-synthesized, resulting into a dramatic delay in muscle failure and fatigue. They also cause significant improvements in muscular strength and endurance.

Cognitive Focus & Anti-Stress Support Complex comprises of clinically -researched doses of powerful adaptogens that help support cognitive function. They include 800 mg of Siberian ginseng root, 225 mg Rhodiola rosea and 2,500 mg L-Tyrosine for added cognitive support.

Mind & Muscle Stimulant Support Complex contains caffeine anhydrous, a potent stimulant used in various supplements to provide stimulate the central nervous system, increase body coordination and extra kick. The Dendrobium Stem extracts (Dendrobium nobile), Choline Bitartrate and Olive Leaf (Olea europaea) are also strong stimulants, mood enhancement ingredients and make an unbeatable combination for clear mental focus.

Muscle Pump & Antioxidant Recovery Support Complex includes two very strong ingredients: Agmatine Sulfate and Astaxanthin, multi-vitamin ingredients designed to support exercise performance, strength, muscle pumps and blood flow. They combination delivers 471% of Vitamin C, 100% of Vitamin D, 100% of Vitamin E, 2500% of Vitamin B6, 75% of Folic Acid and 833% of Vitamin B12.

AstraGin Patented Absorption Support Complex to support optimal absorption and effects of all the ingredients in the SUPER FREAK formula

Every single scoop of SUPER FREAK formula provides:

· 250 mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

· 400 IU Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D)

· 30 IU D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)

· 50 mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

· 300 mcg Folic Acid

· 50 mcg Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Flavors, jar size and price per serving

The product is available in two flavors: Fruit Punch and Raspberry Lemonade. The supplement embosses one super fine gold jar size for total of 40 servings at $1.00 per serving. When using the product, dults are advised to mix � (5.1 g) to 1 (10.2 g) scoop with 240-450ml of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes per day before training.


Despite its high cost, SUPER FREAK formula has an overall rating of 7/10 because, according to, it works well.


The taste isn’t sweet enough, but not many people buy pre-workout supplements for their tastes. The pump is like no other, and the energy is amazing, no jitters! The ingredients work synergistically together and it offers plenty of room for a potential 600 mg worth of extra ingredients. There is no doubt that PharmaFreak has used the release of this product to introduce into the market an excellent supplement supercharged with extremely powerful ingredients and premium training support.

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