Review: Xenadrine Core from Xenadrine

Xenadrine Core is a weight loss supplement made by the company Xenadrine, which has been around since the late 1990s. Xenadrine specializes in thermogenic fat loss supplements. They have revamped their main weight loss product several times over the years. Xenadrine Core is their newest product, with its predecessor being Xenadrine XT. It has only been around for a few months. Below is an overview of the supplement.

Xenadrine has included two charts on their website that support the effectiveness of green coffee extract for weight loss, which is one of the main ingredients in Xenadrine Core. The charts show that the ingredient is more than two times effective than the placebo. These charts are supposedly backed by two clinical studies. However, the sources for the studies are not cited.

In addition, Xenadrine claims that Xenadrine Core provides an intense thermo sensation and a significant boost in energy. Many weight loss supplements are now into providing a sensory aspect, so this is quite common. Let’s take a look at the supplement facts to help in determining the effectiveness of Xenadrine Core.

Supplement Facts
Xenadrine Core includes 200 mg. of green coffee bean extract and 150 mg. of caffeine anhydrous. The rest of the ingredients make up a proprietary blend. One serving is 600 mg. Here is a list of the ingredients below:

Proprietary Blend 600 mg

– Green Coffee Bean Extract, 200 mg
– Caffeine Anhydrous, 150 mg
– White Kidney Bean Extract
– Mangosteen Fruit Powder
– Sacred Lotus Seed Extract
– Perilla Leaf Extract
– Gotu Kola Whole Herb Extract
– Caraway Seed Extract

Green coffee bean extract and caffeine are used in several other weight loss supplements. While caffeine has been shown to work well, there is still not a lot of research on green coffee beans.

White kidney beans delay absorption and digestion of carbohydrates. Thus, it is often referred to as a carbohydrate blocker.

Mangosteen fruit powder is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. It is cited as assisting in the prevention of weight gain.

Sacred lotus seeds contain antioxidants and assists with digestion. The seeds assist in burning fat. It has been traditionally used throughout Asia.

Perilla leaf extract also contains antioxidants and the leaf is commonly used in Chinese medicine.

Gotu kola extract is not known for any weight loss effects. It is generally used as a cognitive enhancer and mood booster.

Caraway seed extract has not been used much in weight loss supplements before. However, there has been recent research that shows it can stimulate weight loss.

Flavors, Jar Sizes and Price per Serving
There are no flavors as the supplement comes in a capsule. It is available in 80-capsule and 100-capsule bottles. The 80-capsule bottle is sold on Amazon for $27.90. This comes to roughly $0.35 per serving.

Since the supplement is fairly new, there are not a lot of ratings. The product is not listed on SupplementReviews. While it is listed on, there have been no reviews yet. The only site with a fair amount of reviews is Amazon. It currently has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

The positive rating on Amazon shows some promise for Xenadrine Core. Even if not all of the reviews are reliable, there are very few reviews under 4 stars. Although the sources are not listed for the studies provided by Xenadrine, this is quite common among supplement companies. The supplement is also reasonably priced compared to other weight loss supplements.

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