STIMUL8 Review

STIMUL8 by Finaflex is a relatively new pre work out which has hit the gym world by storm with many people talking about it all over the world. It has been named the ‘Master PWO’ and has received little criticism. There have been reports about it being too strong as a pre workout, however from personal experience I can safely say it was not dangerous for me in any way. With all the hype over this supplement a review was really needed to help you determine whether or not it is for you.


Finaflex claim they have the ultimate shredding pre workout with STIMUL8. It has been branded as the extreme high performance pre work out which is powered by an expertly designed Thermogenic Ripping Matrix which delivers perfect results. They claim they have the only supplement that will boost your workouts to the next level by enhancing your endurance and power. So lets see if the supplement facts suggest these claims are true.

Supplement Facts

Sadly this supplement comes as a proprietary blend so we can not tell exactly how much of each ingredient is in the formula. However we can see that there are some top ingredients proven to boost your performance in the gym. The serving size is one scoop which makes up a total of 3837mg.

STIMUL8 Thermogenic Ripping Matrix – 2604mg
– 1,3,7 – trimethylxanthine (caffeine)
– b-phenethylamine HCl
– Green Tea Extract
– Hordenine HCl
– Synephrine HCl
– Rauwolfia
– Vomitoria

Ultimate Endurance Matrix

– Beta Alanine

As it is a proprietary blend it is impossible tow work out how much of each ingredient is actually in the blend. However it is likely there is a large amount of caffeine present due to the huge boost in energy you receive from taking it. The Green Tea Extract is a nice addition assisting with weight loss and of course the Beta Alanine is also very effective. These three ingredients are common among the majority of pre workouts so let’s look further into some of the other ingredients.

b-Phenethylamine is an interesting addition to the formula but is efficient when it comes to weight loss as it reduces your appetite. Along with this it is known to stimulate lipolysis. It is used in many supplements as an appetite suppressant helping you shred the pounds.

Hordenine HCl provides the body with a healthy boost of energy while also suppressing your appetite making it easier to lose weight. This certainly contributes to the overall effectiveness of the pre workout.

Synephrine HCl is more commonly known as bitter orange and is actually considered a banned substance by the NCAA. However the FDA have not banned it and it is used commonly as an appetite suppressant. There have been rumors over whether or not it is a banned substance but as far as I am aware, the FDA have not banned it. Nonetheless there is a huge debate over whether or not it should be banned.

Rauwolfia is a common alkaloid used as a weight loss ingredient in many supplements.

Price Per Serving, Jar Sizes & Flavors

Finaflex’s STIMUL8 comes with 5 different flavors to choose from which is a fair variety. The flavors included are Tropical Storm, Apple Blast, Punch, Cherry Limeade and Watermelon. All have been rated well regarding taste however from personal experience and from the vast majority of reviews, the Tropical Storm flavor is definitely the best. The flavor itself gives you a quick buzz and is really refreshing. As far as I am aware you can only purchase the jar size containing 40 servings. The cost varies depending on where you shop but you can pick it up for around $30 meaning each serving costs less than $1. STIMUL8 is therefore a very cost effective option


Finaflex STIMUL8 is not currently rated on, however it is rated on It actually has an incredible rating of 8.1 out of 10 making it better than 86% of all other pre workouts. It is rated number 24 out of 160 and has fantastic customer reviews. Many people have claimed it is one of the most powerful pre workouts they have ever taken and I can confirm this from personal experience. I highly advise you not to exceed one serving per day and make sure you do not consume it on an empty stomach.


Well with everything put into consideration I can clarify that STIMUL8 is an incredibly powerful supplement and you can not exceed the recommended dosage. You will definitely get a serious kick from taking this pre workout and it is good value for the cost. Yes it is a proprietary blend and could potentially have some dangerous aspects, however it seems to work powerfully for most people. The ingredients included in the formula are proven to enhance energy and performance in the gym so there is no reason why you should feel negative about the supplement. The brand are also respected and trustworthy so you do not need to worry about being scammed. None of the ingredients used are banned by the FDA but Synephrine HCl is banned by the NCAA. Some of the ingredients in this formula can cause side effects such as nausea if you consume too much.

Overall the product is highly recommended as a pre workout but it can not be used consecutively for over 60 days. With that said, STIMUL8 should be near the top of your shortlist if you are looking for an impressive pre workout. However it may be too much for some people so it could be a good idea to start off taking just half a serving!
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