Boost Your NO with Super NOS Pump from (Body Fortress)

One of the most popular Preworkout supplements today is without a doubt n.o xplode. 1mr is also gaining popularity along with Pre JYM. In today´s post I will take a closer look at the PWO called Super NOS Pump from Body Fortress. Here goes.

This offering from Body Fortress is a pretty straightforward one, boosting nitric oxide levels to provide vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels to support greater flow) for a pumping effect.

Supplement Facts

Super NOS Pump comes in tablet form. One “serving” of Super NOS Pump is three tablets. The directions indicate that one serving size consists to consume 3 tablets about 45 minutes after exercise, and an additional 3 tablets immediately after completing a workout.

Body Fortress

In Super NOS Pump we find only one active ingredient, listed on the label as:

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate Dihydrate

This compound, also know as L-Arginine AAKG, is a longtime member of the supplement community. It has long been used by bodybuilders and other supplement enthusiasts for its ability to provide a vasodilator effect to improve vascular and add “pump” or “swole” to muscles, giving them extra visible definition. The effect of vasodilators also can have a beneficial impact on energy levels and muscle capacity, allowing blood to flow more easily and readily where it is needed.

L-Arginine AAKG is a nonessential amino acid. It is necessary for the synthesis of nitric oxide within the liver. As a result of this, consuming L-Arginine AAKG can increase nitric oxide levels which leads to vasodilation and the pump advertised from Super NOS Pump. It also has other functions in the liver, such as helping metabolize by products of muscle exertion such as ammonia. Athletes and bodybuilders have used L-Arginie AAKG in the belief that it helps improve peak athletic performance, allowing for longer exercise with less stiffness, soreness and recovery time.

However, much of this has not been validated scientifically. To date, it has not been demonstrated in any conclusive or peer reviewed studies that L-Arginine AAKG has any substantial benefits at all. Despite this, it remains widely popular in the supplement community and used in a huge variety of formulas.

Flavors, Jar Size and Price per Serving

Coming in tablet form, Super NOS Pump doesn’t really have a flavor (at least not if you take it properly!) It is available in jars of either 90 or 180 tablets, containing 30 and 60 serving respectively.

When it comes to servings, things are a little strange with Super NOS Pump. The directions indicate to consume 3 tablets per serving, which is why a 90 tablet jar only amounts to 30 servings. At $9 for 90 tablets, its about $0.3 per serving – accounting for the instructs to take before and after a workout, about $0.6 each time you exercise.


Over at Super NOS Pump has a “Good” rating of 8.2 out of 10, with a total of 38 ratings and 4 verified buyers.

On Super NOS Pump has an 8.5 overall rating with a whopping 51 reviews, making it #3 in the Preworkout category.


Super NOS Pump is definitely a very affordable way to add L-Arginine AAKG into your stack. It has the benefit of being quite simple with its one ingredient with a proven safety record. However, some might find it a bit inconvenient to take the 3 tablets every serving as recommended, as opposed to some other options for getting L-Arginine AAKG within a single tablet or as part of a blend.

Ultimately anyone looking into Super NOS Pump must weigh the uncertainty of scientific studies on L-Argine AAKG against the commonly-shared body building anecdotes about its potentially effects to add pump and improve workouts.

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