Syntha 6 Edge for Sale but not Released?

The Stack3d team got a picture of a new supplement from BSN called Syntha 6 Edge. Since it hasn’t been released as of yet, I can’t say much about the supplement facts, and how this is to be different from the original protein powder Syntha 6 from BSN (which I have posted about here) – I have also listed Syntha 6 in the post: Best tasting protein powder).

I am a loyal users of BSN supplements. I have been a fan ever since the first version of NO Xplode. I loved the second version even more (NO Xplode 2.0), and the latest version, New NO Xplode definitely is a solid pwo workout supplement as well.

Next we can make out the weight of Syntha 6 Edge’s tub at 1.72lb, which divided across its 20 servings works out to be about 39g a serving. As fans of the brand will know that number isn’t anything close to the regular Syntha-6 or Isoburn, but is in the area of Syntha-6 Isolate


I have personally, enjoyed Syntha 6 several times. Its a solid protein powder and the taste is second to none. So I am definitely interested in the new Syntha 6 Edge. But I guess I will have to be patient as we probably won’t see this on the market before June / July 2015, unfortunately.

Because of this, I find it kind of funny that it’s already possible to order the edge version for different vendors, online. Search on Google for Syntha 6 Edge, and you will even get a couple of “reviews” showing on the first page – which is really interesting since no one, except BSN, know what is in this stuff.

Anyhow, I will be following this new supplement from BSN and get my hands on a jar as soon as possible, so you can expect a full-blown review here once I get my hands on the new Syntha 6 Edge – Stay tuned…


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