Are the claims True? Are Testosterone Boosters Effective? Do they Really Work?

It is clear you needs testosterone are thinking about a booster supplement….but you are still asking if these testosterone boosters really work. The simple and factual answer is YES, they do work! In this article we answer all questions and provide you with all the information you need if you are considering these boosters.

We must first understand what testosterone is…

This is a natural steroid hormone that is produced by the reproductive system of both men and women. Women produce lower quantities. Testosterone is produced by the ovaries in females and testes in men. It is extremely important that testosterone hormones be balanced in men. When the levels are too high, it can lead to risk-taking and aggressive behaviour.

Another important question most men ask is whether Testosterone supplementation is really needed by men…

YES, it is absolutely necessary. This is because research has ascertained that after age 30 testosterone levels begin declining naturally. Low testosterone leads to a condition known as Hypogonadism which can cause insomnia, erectile dysfunction and lack of motivation. Immediately a doctor notices this condition, they typically respond by prescribing hormone replacement therapy. Since like any other medication, hormone replacement therapy can have negative side effects, many men opt for the natural route. The most reliable way to naturally elate testosterone levels is through consuming natural testosterone.

  • Let’s now look at some of the most common ingredients found in these natural testosterone supplements

The key ingredients in this supplement include:

D-Aspartic acid

This is an essential amino acid that acts as the main testosterone booster in most of these supplements. It is potent and extremely effective.

Vitamin D

Many men in this generation are zinc deficient. This is mostly because; most men despite age don’t take the prerogative to consume sufficient dietary zinc.


This is plant used that can be used as a recipe in a variety of dishes. It can play a critical role in enhancing libido and testosterone levels.

Saw Palmetto

This is a highly potent fatty acid that helps to boost hormone levels directly. Additionally, is plays a critical role in prostrate growth


This is a highly effective herb that is an essential addition to any testosterone supplement. This is because it elevates energy levels and also stimulate production of more testosterone

Tribulus Trestis

This is another popular ingredient that helps to boost testosterone levels.  In most of these supplements you will notice that it makes us 200-450mg of the daily intake.


This shrub is native to Mexico and has been proven to boost testosterone in body while simultaneously inhibiting the production of estrogen

Final Word…

It is best to be extremely careful when choosing a natural test booster. If it does not contain at least 3 of the ingredients mentioned above, then it is better to keep looking for one that does.